So many of us are asked 'where are you really from?' And the underlying messages of not belonging here. This is a microaggression and intrusive z @DilW #othering #iacpconference2020
Straight into acknowledging the importance of #intersectionality @DilW 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
You may hear me mention #intersectionality a 'few' (aka alot) in my talk too! 😁👍🏼 #identity #iacpconference2020
Wow! We're onto White Privilege! @DilW spelling out important concepts, which are central to identity and lived experiences. 👏🏼 This is what is needed to be acknowledged within the profession and understood and worked with in clinical practice! #iacpconference2020
This is a masterclass in naming the privilege amongst different identity characteristics - gender, race, sexuality... @DilW #identity #intersectionality #iacpconference2020
Yes @DilW! 👏🏼 We need to create inclusive therapeutic spaces! This comes with acknowledging power and privilege, bias and prejudice, lived experiences and the Truth of our clients as well as understanding our own Truth and lived experiences #iacpconference2020
Opportunity to become an ally and use privilege that you do hold towards inclusivity - @DilW
Acknowledging that for so many in training they receive a 2 hour lesson on an identity factor such as culture or gender or sexuality, and that's not enough. Core training needs to dedicate more time to this - @DilW
'We are all change makers' - @DilW #iacpconference2020
The call for better training on issues of identity and intersectionality is necessary from both a theoretical and experiential and lived experience - we need to understand both! #intersectionality #iacpconference2020
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