1/ : A thread to summarize many findings,which pinpoint the global #corruption- #network of @c_drosten, @rki_de, @MackayIM,Andreas Nitsche,Olfert Landt, @tibmolbiol, @WHO, @wef, @MarionKoopmans & many more.

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2/ : "Conflict of Interest" & the so called "Drosten"-paper: The original journal upload ( https://bit.ly/2TfEx8x ) was uploaded on 21st Jan, accepted 22nd Jan and published 23rd Jan 2020. No "conflict of interest were declared".
3/ : The eurosurveillance upload ( https://bit.ly/37fQl2w ) obtained an "Addendum" update on 29th July 2020, "conflic of interest"-section: Olfert Landt is CEO of Tib-Molbiol; Marco Kaiser is senior re-searcher at GenExpress and serves as scientific advisor for Tib-Molbiol.
5/ : Interestingly @tibmolbiol is rather not popular among their workers, they pay very low salaries even though they are making millions in revenue at the moment ( https://bit.ly/34f0lGh ). Their homepage could use an heavy update too: https://www.tib-molbiol.com/ 
6/ : That brings us interestingly to Australia. Tib-Molbiol also heavily cooperated with @MackayIM (Ian M. Mackay), who in his own words has written "one of the best cited reviews in the field" (real-time PCR-tests): http://bitly.com/3n9CSio 
8/ : If we further explore @MackayIM's past publications ( http://bitly.com/30pJMqa ) we can find a convenient collab between Ian M. Mackay, Andreas Nitsche/Olfert Landt (both @tibmolbiol), @rki_de, @ChariteBerlin ( @c_drosten's home-base), Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane.
9/ : Quote: "Ian designs, validates and employs molecular techniques to support clinical and public health needs, helping to discover and characterise known, new, newly identified and rare viruses." Open Question: Does Ian M. Mackay consult the WHO? https://bit.ly/31gb8PY 
11/ : Back to @c_drosten: There are several irregularities concerning his promotion as " http://Dr.med .". A full summary can be found here: https://twitter.com/galottom/status/1315459064806207489
12/ : More irregularities can be found here too: https://twitter.com/Bobby_Network/status/1314858358789332997
14/14: thank you for your attention, there'll be more "threads" as more valid sources're unravelled. If you stumble upon a valid source, archive everything at http://archive.is . https://twitter.com/Bobby_Network/status/1315424262191280128
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