I understand that some of us Armenians are hesitant to express sympathy on the buildings destroyed in Ganja/Gabdzak when the cities of Artsakh are fully razed to the ground. But we need to do better. Here are some things to keep in mind:
1) expressing empathy and sympathy to the other side does not erase or ignore the pain and devastation on your side;
2) if third parties express shock about Ganja/Gandzak that does not mean they are not shocked regarding Stepanakert and Shushi;
3) even if technically the destruction in Ganja/Gandzak and Artsakh are not equivalent, it does not mean you absolutely need to point that out instead of showing empathy, this is not a competition;
4) ordinary citizens does not equal dictatorial government, remember that when you sympathize with ordinary citizens;
5) keep in mind that keeping high levels of humanity is another way we can overcome this war
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