1. My dear son, I was very proud you took part in the demonstration yesterday - very proud you didn’t consult me, you and your sister. She’s at the barricades in Lagos. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
2. I was discussing with my law school set on our WhatsApp platform the other day and I told them our generation just witnessed a phenomenon – we just watched our kids take over from us. #NigeriaNotes #ENDSARS
3. My generation doesn’t exactly get it. There’s no visceral connection. That’s because we’re used to taking another road to fight these issues, and we’ve gone too far on that road to appreciate your approach. We’ve invested our lives. But we identify with you. #NigeriaNotes
4. Unfortunately, the route we chose is also tiring. And so, Nigeria overwhelms us. When you look at the enormity of the challenges you just wonder where to start. As a coping mechanism therefore, we’ve resorted to skepticism. I’m glad your generation acquired faith. #EndSARS
5. There are two things you need. You need a country, and you need a nation. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
6. A country speaks to efficiencies in governance, things working, things working properly. It speaks to your image as well. That green passport is not supposed to devalue you at international borders, it’s supposed to bolster you. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
7. A nation on the other hand speaks to your sense of identity, the cohesiveness of the constituent entities. It also speaks to your cultural identity. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
8. The reason your generation has taken to the barricades is because you discovered you neither have a country nor a nation. And that’s really sad. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
9. Dubai has shown us what can happen in a generation. But such things can only happen when there’s vision and management capability – two things that are sorely lacking in our polity. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
10. I do not know the vision for Nigeria for example. That is unsettling for a man in my profession. I am a strategy consultant with a specialty in brand management. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
11. Vision is the starting point. What exactly do we want to become as a nation? Clearly Dubai wants to be the business and cultural hub for Africa and the Middle East. That much is clear. They’re disintermediating Europe. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
12. It’s what informed the creation of Emirates Airline, it’s what’s behind spending so much on those international cultural events, it’s what’s driving the branding. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
13. But even if we have a vision, we’ll still need management capacity. That is greatly hobbled by our misinformed definition of culture, the cronyism and ethnicism, a poor educational system… #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
14. There are also hegemonic tendencies. Then there’s the structural framework. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
15. From a management science perspective, we’re running a grossly inefficient system as a nation. It’s a command and control system that is top down in architecture. What we need is a nodal network. That’s supposed to be the advantage of federalism. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
16. If you want to change the system however you need to change the rules of engagement. Effort and outrage are not enough. You need strategy, you need to deploy new tools, you need to introduce new thinking. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
17. You will encounter resistance, but you can force your way through. Just as you’re doing now. I will avail you of my knowledge, expertise and experience, but ultimately the show belongs to your generation. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
18. I want to keep these letters short. There’s a lot for you to digest already so I’m going to stop here. In the next letter I’ll share some insight with you on how you can change the electoral system to produce the candidates you want. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
19. Your Dad, LA. #NigeriaNotes #EndSARS
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