This ad makes it seem like Ted Wheeler has been responsible for the construction of over 1,300 units of affordable housing.

The number built to-date with city financing is... zero.
The full O quote is "Wheeler has delivered in other ways, including overseeing the buildout of affordable housing units with bond dollars authorized by Portlanders in 2016. Despite the pandemic, the city is on track to exceed the 1,300 units it promised."
That's accurate, but note that the Oregonian a) gave credit to the voters, who passed the housing bond before Wheeler took office and b) doesn't place "delivered" and "buildout" in the same clause.
So where does the claim that the city is on track to exceed 1,300 units come from?

Likely the Housing Bureau, which lists 12 projects that are in some stage of development.
The remaining 1,110 units are in some stage of development, but none have broken ground.
Building housing is *tough* and affordable housing especially so. I have friends that are working on some of these developments, and I know they're working hard to get them built.

But it's misleading for Wheeler to make it seem like these have been built.
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