Republican scum are speculating on what they think they know about a candidates son. Let's focus on what we do know about one of the candidates. @realDonaldTrump has sexually assaulted and raped more than 30 women. Donald Trump separated infants from their parents and put them
2. in cages. Donald Trump said the virus would go away and 217k deaths later he still says magic will solve it. Donald Trump sold out our country to Russia. Donald Trump is a tax cheat who didn't pay his taxes for decades. Donald Trump cheated on every wife he ever had and has
3. paid porn stars for their silence. Donald Trump said on tape he could grab women by the pussy becayuse he was famous. Donald Trump has enriched himself from the day he took office by overcharging the govt and forcing them to stay at his resorts. Donald Trump blackmailed an
4. ally and has done everything he can to weaken our allies and strengthen our enemies. Donald Trump sent the Kurds to a slaughter in Syria for some payoff to the despotic Erodhan in Turkey. Donald Trump has led to hundreds of thousands of Americans dying because he put his
5. politcal interests ahead of American lives. Donald Trump called racists and anti semites good people. He tear gassed peaceful protesters to have a photo op holding a bible that he could not cite a single verse from. Donald Trump is the first President in a century who has
6. negative job growth and skyrocketing poverty. Donald Trump is the first American President to say he won't honor our tradition of peaceful transition of power. Donald Trump is the worst President, most corrupt, most vile and ignorant President in our history. But sure let's
7. focus over the next 2 weeks on the son of another candidate.
8. and what the Russians want us to think we know.
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