[A Thread] The 17 Kiwis who came to Melbourne and disappeared are the direct consequence of the negligence/incompetence of the corrupt Morrison regime. So keen was it to create a travel bubble for PR purposes, they didn't think it through. #auspol 1/8
First off it's a one way bubble. That means Kiwis coming to NSW don't have to quarantine if they declare they have no symptoms etc. They will still need to quarantine in NZ on their return, as do all new arrivals to NZ. #auspol 2/8
On arrival in Australia, Kiwis can be issued permanent residence (special category Visa 444) on arrival, which gives them the same rights to travel and work within Australia as Australians (they don't have the same rights to education and welfare). #auspol 3/8
Clearly the federal government did not think through how allowing Kiwis into NSW would restrict their movement to other states. It obviously doesn't, which makes a complete mockery of the much vaunted "NSW & NT travel bubble".
#auspol 4/8
There is nothing to legally stop newly arrived Kiwis in Sydney jumping on planes and traveling to other states, which is exactly what they did. Victoria has not shut its interstate border, so this was clearly going to happen. #auspol 5/8
They could have equally hired a car in Sydney and driven to Melbourne. There is no law against that. The Kiwis have broken no laws, they were granted unrestricted tourist or residence rights in Australia when they landed by @AusBorderForce. #auspol 6/8
So in their haste to promote the travel bubble, Morrison and Dutton did not predict this? Blind Freddy could have seen this coming. It's like a re-run of the #RubyPrincess debacle, only this time its unlikely the Kiwis were infected.
#auspol 7/8
The blame for this lies only with the Commonwealth Government. It is inconceivable that either the States of NSW and Victoria are responsible. Even the airports are a Federal responsibility. This is incompetence of the highest level, and it must sheet back to Dutton. #auspol 8/8
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