A THREAD you MUST read/be aware of regardless of your nationality, ethnic background etc.

As some of you already know there is an ongoing war between #Azerbaijan and Armenia over internationally recognized, however illegally occupied Azerbaijani territories, namely, #Karabakh. +
There are in total 4 UN resolutions (please see: 822, 853, 874, 884) which openly state that #Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, after 30 years of illegal occupation by Armenia, so-called negotiations with them could not demonstrate any improvement on the issue. +
Yet PM of Armenia came into power and after some period of time publicly revealed his position on this matter by stating Karabakh does not belong to Azerbaijan. Which therefore killed 30 years of peace talks.

Consequently Azerbaijan was obliged to take its lands back by force. +
Since 27th of September there has been loss of people from both sides on the battlefield.

During this time #Azerbaijan has never intended to harm civilians. In contrast to this, that was unfortunately the main aim of Armenia. They attacked several big cities which are not +
even located near to the warzone.

Just hours ago they bombed the second largest city of Azerbaijan - #Ganja, once again. By far, 10 people are dead, including 3 little children. The most mind-blowing part is that Armenians do really enjoy these moments. +
Armenians try to fool other people, as if #Azerbaijan also kills civilians and this is a response to Azerbaijan's attack, however these slanders have never been justified, proved. +
From their prospective its perfectly normal to kill innocent babies if Armenian soldiers are dying in warzone. Now imagine having an enemy with this unbelievable mindset. If they really care about Armenian soldiers, they must leave #Azerbaijan. +
I kindly ask every human being on earth to pay attention to this topic. You do not necessarily have to believe in what is being said in this thread but you must at least check facts. You can not ignore this subject anymore. +
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