Reasons Why Blinks (mostly Toxic Ones) Hate TWICE

I don't hate Blackpink just the toxic fans.

a thread;
1. TWICE can compete with BlackPink. (As what fans they say)
Guys, anyone can be in their place so stop dragging a group for your idols success. BlackPink and Twice are both successful and popular GirlGroup. Instead of dragging other groups, why wont you just support them?
2. Once's are cheaters when it comes to voting.
We can't deny the fact that they are Toxic Fans trying to sabotage each group.
Every Fandom has toxic fans so don't say that all Once's are toxic only some.
Same as Blinks they are also toxic fans in their fandom.
Why did I made this thread?
One answer: TO CLEAR THINGS.
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