I have never seen a tweet from a right wing person that has expressed any ounce of sympathy or kindness. It’s okay to have differing political opinions, but the self proclaimed rightwing have proven time and time again that they are aggressive and in many cases, discriminate.
They openly make racist and LGBTQ+phobic remarks, they rally behind their leaders as if they are God incarnate, they claim peace is what they want as they attack people for wearing masks or for the colour of their skin, and yet, they claim that an underdeveloped -
clump of cells in a person’s uterus has more human rights than fully grown adults who struggle to feed themselves, or worse, to find a safe place to sleep every night, in a capitalist society that favours the rich? Fucking bullshit. Fuck your rightwing leaders, and fuck you!
Rant over. Needed to get that off my chest.
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