im sure that a lot of the people who act woke on this app aren't reading critical theory. and even if there are teenagers reading it (in university or by themselves), it doesn't necessarily mean they r doing it carefully and critically.
so it's not like crit theory is necessarily RIGHT or WRONG. it's more like: when we're reading anything - especially if it's philosophy and sociology - we should do it carefully and critically, because there's a lot of complex theories, terms, concepts etc and the texts
you're reading were written by real people who lived in different social contexts (different places and different periods of time). we should understand a theory will always be criticized (with not just a simple "i dislike it" but with a well-argumented critique) and a lot of
times these critiques are valid, so these theories aren't universal inquestionable truths. what i think it's happening is: the majority of ppl are getting in touch with isolated texts or concepts or terms through OTHER PEOPLE that share it on the internet (youtube, for example)
and while this isn't necessarily something bad, ppl still have this common thought that science equals the truth and/or they don't even realize these concepts/terms come from social/philosophical theories and just take it as the truth. btw there are well-intentioned youtubers or
journalists (or whatever) sharing good content but the majority are just people wanting MONEY. and people that only want money will say anything that brings it to them - so they won't be sharing these theories/terms/concepts in an ethical way. and there's also the problem that
people might getting in touch with, for example, good content about feminism, but they still didnt read about class or any other theory. and maybe they won't even read abt it, they will just stay in a simplistic/superficial discussion detached from class analysis, for example.
this is all neoliberalism's fault. our society isn't making people LEARN and develop their intellect and see the world and what they read in a critical way. the main purpose of our education is to prepare us to get a job/money, not to really learn. our education is preparing us
to live in a capitalist society. and the ideology behind capitalism defends inequality: any individual has the right to own private property (which means a person have the right to be rich and the state cant do anything abt it. and if there's rich people, there will be poor ppl)
oh as i said it isn't just the education system that is shit, the laws allow the big tech companies and their ad system to exist as they are - which enables a lot of stupid and fake info created by unethical ppl to exist. in the end the state defends capitalism which means:
btw i wrote "teenagers" in the first tweet of this thread but i was actually talking about teenagers or young adults that aren't necessarily in the academia or involved in social studies. like kpop stans (who act like they are SO woke).
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