2) I knew this would happen but I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.

Earlier today Mitch McConnell said that the vote for ACB will occur on October 23rd. Meaning ACB will join the court on the 24th. That is 9 days before Election Day. Leaving enough time to settle states https://twitter.com/joshdcaplan/status/1317151251763781639
3) like NC (4th Circuit), OH (6th Circuit), MN (8th Circuit) and PA (3rd Circuit). The 6th Circuit is favorable to Republicans (11R vs. 5D). The same for the 7th (10R vs. 1D) and 8th Circuit (9R vs. 2D) The 3rd Circuit (8R vs. D6) where PA is located has a smaller Republican
4) advantage. The Democrats only have a small advantage in the 4th Circuit (8D vs. 7R) where NC is located.

All their plans are going up in smoke! Given the current TargetSmart Data in Michigan, Democrats are screwed! They did it to themselves. Closed the colleges. Tried to https://twitter.com/galt1776/status/1317037819223707648
5) stop the Big Ten from playing football. Problem for them is that PDJT got the Big Ten to play again starting next Saturday. Our President will flood the airwaves saying he brought it back.

People will have their football on Friday (HS), Saturday (College) and Sunday (NFL).
6) The get out the vote won’t be happening on the weekends.

From the article linked above:

What they're saying: In its 3-0 opinion, the court of appeals said the decision to change the law, which states that absentee ballots must be delivered by election night, "is the
7) responsibility of our elected policy makers, not the judiciary,"

Justice Kavanaugh set a precedent that appeal courts are rightfully using. The state legislature needs to make these changes not a damn judge. Problem for Democrats is that the legislatures are either majority
8) Republican in the House and Senate or in one of the two branches. That is a killer for Democrat Governors.

The Election will be called early Wednesday morning on November 4th. Our President will win ME-2, FL, NC, IA, OH, GA, TX & AZ. Leaving Michigan to put him over the top.
9) Regardless of what happens in PA, NH, NV, MN, WI and NE-2.
10) ADDENDUM #1 @JohnJamesMI is smiling tonight! He will flip that seat in the State of Michigan! We will either have the same advantage in the Senate (losing CO and AZ but winning AL and MI) or we will increase our advantage by 1 to 54 seats (just losing CO and hanging on to AZ)
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