I got my ballot in the mail today, spent a leisurely hour filling it out at my kitchen table, and took it to a drop box located within a convenient distance of where I live. Exactly how democracy should work everywhere.

It doesn't, currently, and these people are fucking heroes: https://twitter.com/AndyPierrotti/status/1315679588693966849
Want to see patriotism? Here's patriotism: https://twitter.com/John_Walton_/status/1317143422180986881
Want to see hope? Here are people with hope: https://twitter.com/Barbann96_/status/1317102562269663235
Want to see the argument for booting Republicans out of office at all levels? Here it is: https://twitter.com/jmontforttx/status/1316063810214678529
Elect people who want not just you, but EVERYONE to vote, easily and safely. You can identify those people on your ballot by looking for the word "Democrat" after their names.

To every person shouldering these burdens on our behalf in the meantime: THANK YOU.
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