This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting LGBTQ+ Rights
Only one party has a specific plan ensuring the rights of LGBTQ+ people and will fight to enact The #EqualityAct. Dems will not allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ persons to stand. 1/10
#Democrats applaud this year’s #SCOTUS decision that made clear that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation & gender identity violates the law, but we know we still have work to do to ensure LGBTQ+ people are treated equally under the law and in our society. 2/10
#Democrats will fight to enact the #EqualityAct and at last outlaw discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in housing, public accommodations, access to credit, education, jury service, and federal programs. 3/10 #DemPartyPlatform
#Democrats will work to ensure #LGBTQ+ people are not discriminated against when seeking to adopt or foster children,protect LGBTQ+ children from bullying and assault,and guarantee transgender students’ access to facilities based on their gender identity. 4/10 #DemPartyPlatform
#Democrats will ensure federally funded programs for older adults are inclusive for #LGBTQ+ seniors. 5/10 #DemPartyPlatform #Seniors
Recognizing that #LGBTQ+ youth and adults suffer from significant health disparities, including mental health and substance use disorders, #Democrats will expand mental health and suicide prevention services, and ban harmful “conversion therapy” practices. 6/10 #DemPartyPlatform
#Democrats will ensure that all #transgender and #nonbinary people can procure official government identification documents that accurately reflect their gender identity. 7/10
#Democrats will stop employment discrimination in the federal government, and will restore full implementation of President Obama’s executive order prohibiting discrimination by federal contractors on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. 8/10 #DemPartyPlatform
#Democrats are committed to ending the #homelessness crisis, including among #LGBTQ+ youth. 9/10 #DemPartyPlatform
#Democrats will fight to end violence against transgender Americans and particularly against Black transgender women, who are disproportionately victims of assault and homicide, and will prioritize the investigation of hate crimes against transgender and non-binary people. 10/10
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