There is no way of demanding a uterus emoji without sounding a bit TERFy and that’s just one more thing I resent them for because I really would like a uterus emoji
oh wow so they’ve found this tweet and these people are... truly deranged
I have the uterus sweatshirt with the hand giving the middle finger instead of an ovary, guys! I’m not sure that’s the ~winning terf argument~ you think it is, given that it was made to raise ££ for a trans inclusive abortion provider, but feel free to keep dropping it in my @s
see! I wear it to write feminist history whilst respecting people’s gender identity!
... I wanted to complain about menstrual cramps
if you’re gonna use the angry uterus to yell at me, you can at least donate to @All4Choice  or @AbortionSupport Network  who work to help people in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar & Poland access abortion.
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