What a moron!

Mughal is nothing but Persian rendering of the word "Mongol"

Genghis Khan and his immediate descendants who invaded Persia and India in 13th century were known as "Mughal Kafirs" in Persian literature

Mughals invaded Afghanistan just like they later invaded India https://twitter.com/taru_uniyal/status/1316708972464873473
Tolui Khan, the son of Genghis Khan, who in 1221 invaded Persia & utterly defeated, devastated and massacred Khorasan was called a "Mughal" in Persian Chronicles.

The word for 'Mongol' in Persian is 'Mughal'

From Sharjat Ul Atrak
Likewise, the Mongol armies of Genghis Khan's grandson Mongke Khan who invaded India in 1245 were known in Persian literature as "Mughal infidels"
Yes, the Mughals of Babur's line were speakers of Chagatai language which is a Turkic language. As such, they were not direct patrilineal descendants of Royal Mongol lineage even if they claimed matrilineal descent from Genghis Khan
Yet, the ultimate origin of these Altaic languages and their speakers is Altai mountain range in Western Mongolia.

Besides, there were clear ethnic differences between "Turks" and "Mughals" (even if "Mughals" themselves spoke a variety of Turkic language)
Even as late as 16th century, when there was a lot of "admixture" between "Turks", "Tajiks" and "Mughals", there were still some differences in Phenotype.

For the Author of Tarikh I Rashidi, A "Mughal" typically had Mongoloid features like short nose and no facial hair
We certainly come across such "Mongoloid features" of early Mughals of Babur's line in their paintings.

Here is a painting of Babur with his son Humayun
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