If being a biz partner or working w the people named in this article like Schoenberger, Binney and RDS means something in terms of #Qanon wouldn't that also include #Unity4J founders, Shadowbox members, and the attorney who white knights Binney online? 🤔 https://heavy.com/news/thomas-schoenberger-qanon/
Remember when Suzie Dawson used to talk about #FollowTheWhiteRabbit @CensoredNewsNow before #Qanon showed up? Maybe Heavy should run a propaganda story about that? 🤷‍♀️
More: An associate of Jesselyn Radack's (who I mentioned white knights Binney) along w others have claimed @ETheFriend is Schoenberger, a larp, related to #Qanon, trying to fuse #Qanon + Cicada 3301 w @WikiLeaks, or all of the above. Here's where this shit show gets interesting--
Remember the recent #Assange extradition hearing? One of the Twitter accounts that reported it live was @DefenseAssange (they actually had really good coverage). Here's the point: They retweeted ETheFriend twice during the hearing.
According to their website, http://AssangeDefense.org , they're a project of the @couragefound called the U.S. Committee to Defend Julian Assange and Civil Liberties. The coalition includes lawyers, human rights defenders and #FreePress advocates. More from http://Shadowproof.com :
Bill Binney who http://Heavy.com  reported today as one of the individuals who worked with Schoenberger and others to recruit people into #Qanon is also on @couragefound's advisory board.
So basically according to some #Assange supporters, @couragefound is also working w Schoenberger/ #Qanon if we're to believe them and the Heavy article.

That or the director of Courage just likes to f*ck with people during the biggest extradition hearing of the century?
I could be here for days. One of the sources used in the Heavy article is Jim Stewartson who Heavy quoted as saying Bill Binney was helping Schoenberger recruit for #Qanon. He also recently said I work for Schoenberger:
Oh my. Let's see...who's been pushing that narrative forever that I work for Schoenberger? That's right. It's in that Feb 2020 42-pg doc that was sent to me by a close associate of Radack's and that I suspect was written by another associate of hers. Huh. https://twitter.com/jimmysllama/status/1316795518966730755
That same narrative was also pushed by the Kaidinn account who worked with one of Radack's close associates for years. https://twitter.com/jimmysllama/status/1316415120302632961
Hmm. Let's see what else Robertson has been pushing lately... Oh, he attributes this entire exposé to @ATafoyovsky who recently refused to answer if they had been paid by the associate who I suspect wrote the 42-page document after alleged emails seem to indicate he was.
For different reasons, attacks against myself, other activists, and Schoenberger, who I have never worked w outside of him being a source for me which he has publicly stated, have increased 1000x since some things were leaked about certain #Assange supporters.
In the last 60 days, a mob attack was coordinated against one activist (and a smear job published), and Radack's associate threatened me, Schoenberger, and the activist who was mob attacked.
This same person who has threatened everyone and their mother (that's sarcasm fucktards) has also been in contact with someone for the last 3 years who is currently suing Schoenberger—both of whom want to bury what's been leaked and paint everyone else as liars.
This same plaintiff recently released Defango from the same lawsuit despite telling ppl they fled the country because Defango (and others) threatened them and their family.

Defango allegedly works with or has worked with Gabe Hoffman who is also suing Schoenberger.
One of the exposed #Assange supporters is also the same one who pushed the narrative about ETheFriend which basically equates to @Couragefound (I'm assuming @WikiLeaks then too?) has either been infiltrated or is working with #Qanon. So...
If anything, the Heavy article seems planted and comes off as a vendetta piece more than anything. Who has motive? Well for one, two people who want to win their lawsuit against Schoenberger. And two others looking to white knight one of those plaintiffs and for personal revenge.
Note: I'm not defending anyone in the article or making claims about who is or isn't behind #Qanon bc I have no idea. Trust me, there are no heroes in this story or any that are related.

And things are never as they seem. This thread is just an opinion and theory.
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