There are a few topics that fall in ‘race in education’ bucket that education reporters have chewed on to the bone:
— shortage of teachers of color
— racial disparities in gifted ed.
— racial disparities in suspensions

This is a reductive way to approach topic of race in edu.
I need my brethren and sistren in education journalism to find some new ‘race in education’ angles b/c continuing to write the same stories w/ new research showing the same trends isn’t that interesting. It’s a few bullets at best, not a feature—or goodness gracious, a “series.”
Also, covering ‘race in education’ as only what’s lacking is a single story. There are many ways to explore race in education that don’t involve a story centered on racial discrimination. Yes, that’s one aspect but not the sole aspect. My news clips need more flavor. Pls and thx.
I’d like to read more stories from the perspective of parents of color and youth of color. That’s one way to enliven coverage on ‘race in education’ — by narrating the story via a different set of storytellers.

That’s your freebie. Go forth and prosper.
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