When the Government says that it sought a Canada-style deal but will be content with an Australia-style deal, worth remembering that it sought a much closer relationship with the EU than Canada has and - without a deal - will have a less advanced relationship than Australia has.
And Australia - which does far less trade than we do with the EU because geography still matters - is trying to negotiate an FTA with the EU because the patchwork of agreements they currently have (which we won't in January if we don't get a deal) is unsatisfactory.
The UK has been seeking a much more ambitious deal with EU than the EU-Canada deal. Canada has very limited agricultural deal with high tariffs. No road haulage or electricity & gas. A more limited aviation deal, nothing comparable on data, not much on justice & home affairs etc.
By the way, the UK Government is quite right to seek a deal that is much more advanced than the EU-Canada deal. The EU is a much more important trading partner to us than it is to Canada. But with additional rights come additional obligations. Not yet too late to recognise that.
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