It's the third Friday of the month, which means the Zoning Board of Appeals is meeting now! Two cannabis-related items are on the agenda:
Watch live here:
This is the first ZBA meeting presided over by new chair Timothy Knudsen. Knudsen said during his confirmation hearing this month that he'd try to avoid repetitive testimony that's pushed meetings late into the night. (The Sept. meeting went 14 hrs, Aug meeting went 17 hrs)
. @Dispensary33 is on the agenda today for its application to open a dispensary at 1152 W Randolph. D33 is in a race with @NuEraCannabis, which last year got ZBA approval to open across the street. State law prohibits clustering of dispensaries.
Also today: Jeff Rudnick is applying to open a cannabis grow site at 5851 W. Dickens Ave. in Belmont Cragin. If approved, it will likely be the first grower to legally open in Chicago.
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