1/9 We are in a second wave of #COVID19, but opposition parties are using committees to advance their partisan self-interest and score political points instead of helping Canadians. We choose to remain focused on Canadians. #cdnpoli
2/9 More than 9,000 Canadians have died from #COVID19. Millions have lost their jobs. Many cannot be close to their loved ones. Overcoming this crisis is what is important. This is where committees should place their focus. #cdnpoli
3/9 We already came forward with the facts about the Canada Student Service Grant. Committees heard key witnesses including the PM, his chief of staff, cabinet ministers, the clerk of the Privy Council, senior public servants, and WE Charity itself. #cdnpoli
4/9 The nonpartisan public service released over 5,000 documents to the committee with minimal redactions by public servants according to the law and included information over and above what was requested by the committee. #cdnpoli
5/9 Liberals have proposed to invite the public servants who made the redactions and the Law Clerk to the committee to explain their actions, and to provide them with due process instead of a Conservative inquisition. #cdnpoli
6/9 But at the finance committee, opposition parties want to declare public servants breached the privileges of MPs for doing their jobs and for respecting their legal obligations to protect the personal information of Canadians. #cdnpoli
7/9 MPs need to work together in response to the gravest public health crisis of our lifetimes. This is not the time to play political games with the future of our country. We will remain focused on Canadians. #cdnpoli
8/9 We understand that Canadians have questions. This is why we support the creation of one committee to examine COVID19-related spending, including the CSSG. It’s not responsible to paralyze all committees with partisan studies. #cdnpoli
9/9 A special committee should be focused on real issues and not Conservative partisan games. #cdnpoli
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