Some remarks from Aliyev's interview with A-Haber: "Shusha has a special place for us. If we do not liberate Shusha from occupation, our work will be incomplete"
"Iran and Georgia have closed their airspace and land routes to arms shipments to Armenia. We would like to thank the governments of Iran and Georgia for this."
"According to our information, smuggled weapons were sent from Georgia today by civilian and cargo planes. Armenia recently got a plane. According to our information, they got it for about 30-40 million dollars. The buyers of this plane are rich Armenian businessmen living in 🇷🇺"
"They send Armenians living in Russia to Karabakh as mercenaries to fight against us. At the same time, the purchase of this IL-76 aircraft allowed Armenia to smuggle weapons to Armenia."
"In some places, 🇦🇲 have 4 lines of defense. There are very large concrete slabs, shelters, bunkers. Also, the relief of that region makes it a natural fortification. Because it is a mountainous area and we go from the bottom to up. This is very difficult and risky for any army."
"Therefore, this required great heroism. We definitely needed unmanned aerial vehicles to accurately destroy enemy equipment. We are very happy that the developed military-industrial complex of brotherly Turkey has started to produce beautiful UAVs and strike UAVs."
"Some say that Azerbaijan should get 5 districts and be satisfied. I never went with it."
"I told the Armenian leadership that if you observe the ceasefire, give us a timetable, leave our lands, it will make this war stop, and you will get to have your remaining weapons. Otherwise, we will destroy all their weapons"
"It is possible that information will be provided about other villages liberated today. Anything can happen."
"October 18, Independence Day is very dear to us. But I have never given the Army the task of "taking a place on a particular date." We can and might provide information about some villages today. But it is not necessary to give the good news on October 17, 18 or 19"
EXPLANATION: Some people speculated that Azerbaijan planned to make an attack on Shusha or Stepanakert on 18 October; even war would be ended by then. By making this remark, Aliyev signals no end to war soon.
"We have information about the transportation of weapons from Russia to Yerevan by civilian planes, but the Russian side assures us that they do not send weapons to Armenia."
Aliyev also mentioned that city of Fuzuli is within the grasp of the army. Apart from these, nothing new.
"Pashinyan has always been anti-Russian. I am surprised that some political circles in Russia support him. After all, he made a revolution against pro-Russian forces. He arrested pro-Russian presidents. He did everything against Russia. He is man of Soros."
Personal note: Azerbaijani TVs sometimes air "documentaries" on Soros, how he betrayed Jews by working with Nazis, how he funds revolutions and etc.
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