Look a lot of you still follow Taber. It's a problem. I blocked her a couple three years ago because she was plagiarizing me and other small ag accounts, including parroting leftist points in tweets then turning around saying small farms are businesses that deserve to fail.
Her actual work is being a fucking business consultant to farms. That screenshot is her telling Dr Wilmer, someone who has done actual science on rotational grazing, to Google rotational grazing.
She does this shit because she doesn't actually understand the science. She is not a farmer, she plagiarizes us. She is not a scientist, she plagiarizes scientists. She is not indigenous, she plagiarizes indigenous people without understanding.
She doesn't have any actual analysis of the capitalist conditions that cause small farms to fail, her position is just that farms are businesses and businesses that can't hack it deserve to fail.
She's in this to build a platform and a name for herself, not a better food system for all of us including the planet we're fucking living on. Stop following her. Seek out the farmers, scientists, and indigenous people she's plagiarizing and follow them.
This woman honestly believes it will be fine when Cargill and Tyson own every fucking farm in this country, and that their farming methods are great.

Spoiler: it will not be fine and their methods are not great.
And at the very least she owes Dr Wilmer a fucking apology.
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