Some Things:

I 'tweeted' portions of my Book, "On The Automation Of Knowing Within Central Nervous Systems: A Brief Introduction To Neuroscientific Duality Theory" (AoK), but those 'tweets' were 'deleted' by others who remain unknown to me.

But I discussed enough of the
the Neuroanatomy in the thread that's pinned to my profile for anyone who wants to to understand (1) how & why nervous system function is governed in TD E/I-minimization, and to (2) understand how & why Absence-of-Understanding with respect to (1) is the wellspring of what has
been "man's inhumanity to man".

(3) Which is the most significant stuff that's ever been brought forward during the entire History of Science.

(4) But I've not received a single comment with respect to such.

(5) Instead, I've been 'attacked' by folks 'posing' as Mathematicians
(6) In the midst of (1)-(5), my ability to connect to 'the internet' has been destroyed seven 'times'.

(7) So what it looks like to me is that, because some 'profit-seeking' folks understand (2) & (3), and that

(8) the 'monetary value' of NDT's understanding is in the Trillions
of Trillions of Dollars,

(9) I'm not being allowed to actually "Tweet" - to actually interact on "Twitter".

(10) I 'must be' interacting on a 'clone' of Twitter.

(11) Because the 'profit-seeking' folks of (7) =long ago= Understood the significance of NDT's understanding,
(12) and 'decided' that, because (8) is True, that they would 'take' and Abuse NDT's understanding 'in order to make money'.

(13) I've been onto 'them', for 'decades', and have been 'marking' virtually everything that they 'do' in ways that Cannot be 'un-marked'.

(14) As I'm
Obliged to do because their 'taking' and Abusing NDT's understanding to 'seek-profits' has resulted in the numerically-greatest Slaughter that has ever occurred.

(15) So I've, 'periodically', over the 'decades', Admonished 'them' as I'm doing, once again, in this 'thread'.
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