The hardest thing for me in Women in STEM spaces has been that they're dominated by fellow white western women. Too many are still not at a stage of learning about inequity where they've begun work to recognise their own privilege and part in oppression and exclusion of others.
Recognising my own privilege is work that is never done or perfect. I know I have to keep at it and will never recognise it nor learn to use it in helpful rather than hurtful ways unless I keep trying.

But I wish there were some more Women in STEM spaces for people ready to try!
I spend all my time trying to raise awareness among fellow white western women. Often they are more senior than me too. I do this because it's the right thing to do.

But I want to get about seeing what we can do once we're at least on that first page of intersectionality 101!
Some days I'm like... why do I even try!? They won't listen to fellow white western women, even one with as much privilege as me... so what hope does anyone have??

I'll keep trying eh. If it doesn't kill me first.
Because if you bring up these issues you're not being "kind" enough. You're "tearing down other women". Or not recognising "hard work" or good intent.

I'm tired and bored of this. It's not my job to give up on it though because I know as a white woman I get the easy end of this.
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