Life update: After 3.5 years of reporting in Chandigarh and Gurgaon, taking a break from journalism to focus on health and life. Moving to parents house in Delhi after >4 years. Looking forward to living the Beeba boy life, cycling in Tilak Nagar and volunteering at Gurudwara (1)
and playing carrom with retired parents. Will miss Gurgaon cops impersonating Sunny Deol's 'Chadha sahab' dialogues from Damini to address me on calls or convicts reciting Shakespeare in court to plead mercy. (2)
Will probably start a podcast on Aujla vs Sidhu Moose, take care of my skin/or apply for a Canadian PR. Shout out to all kind reporters, stringers and photojournalists, who helped. As Diljit said in a song recently, 'agge da ptani jatt nu, changa chali janda so far goriye.' (3)
Sharing my favourite story from Mohali. When a convict plead mercy before a judge and quoted from The Merchant of Venice. (Eom)
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