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We go again to #EndSARS
We need more than promises and words. We need actions.

We need the government, at state and federal levels to give us actionable timelines and deadlines on investigations and inquiry panels.

We need full transparency on the inquiry panels. These people that are on the panels what’s their background and why were they chosen to be on the panel? What will remuneration be? On what channel will the panels and finding work streamed #EndSARS
Who is going to audit and report on the Police Trust Fund. Yes the one that is supposed to have 0.5% of the total money in the federation account. The people are not responsible for police welfare. The government is, and there has been a clear dereliction of duty ... #EndSARS
... where has that money gone? Who took it? Someone must answer.
I don’t know if I’m the only one confused by the obfuscation of the kind of information police commissioners and their deputies have on police activity in their state #EndSARS
TO ME OHHHHH, It’s either commissioners and high ranking police officers have some knowledge on the abuses of regular police and SARS officials but turn a blind eye, making them complicit or they have no knowledge, meaning they aren’t in control. Both bad #EndSARS
If they ask why we are still protesting tell them that we don’t want half measures. We want a proper plan to hold them accountable to. Not a half baked one, not mago mago. Young Nigerians are not stupid please

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