Good morning #teamNaija, today I want to give you some facts about Nigeria that you may not know, to clear certain misconceptions you may have. Here we go
The capital city of Nigeria is Abuja, not Lagos, though Lagos is the most popular city...
The richest black man in the world is Nigerian, also the richest African, his name is Aliko Dangote. He is into cement, sugar, flour, oil and gas
There are over 500 languages spoken in Nigeria, with about 250 ethnic groups. The three major ethnic groups are Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo
Nigeria is extremely diverse in terms of landscape, there is the Atlantic Ocean in the south , and the Sahara desert in the north, with forests and grooves also located in the country!
Total population is about 200million, the currency is the Naira, Nigeria was colonized by the British and the official language is English
Nigeria shares borders with Niger, Chad, Cameroon and the republic of Benin, funny enough despite our rivalry with Ghana, we don’t share a border, but the rivalry is born out of the fact that we are among the few English speaking nations in West Africa
The name Nigeria was coined by Dame Flora Shaw, wife of the then Governor General Of Nigeria, Lord Lugard. It was coined from the River Niger (largest river in Nigeria) so she called the country Niger-area to mean the area around the River Niger . Thus Nigeria
I don’t need to tell you about Nollywood which is the second largest movie industry in the world, or about our musicians and footballers .
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