I have good news for those who are following the Sushant Singh Rajput death investigations.
The wheel of time are turning towards justice again.
CBI investigation has picked up pace.
A new medical board is being considered.
Here are all the updates and one request.

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It is confirmed that the AIIMS report has pointed out several flaws in the Cooper Hospital PM Report.
The observations rule out that the report is fair and proper.
If a conclusion is based on a flawed process then the conclusion must be flawed too.
AIIMS has pointed out the flaws
The AIIMS conclusion is based on the information provided by the Cooper report.
The AIIMS medical board has agreed with the Cooper report "conditionally".
It seems it's an attempt to not put their fellow doctors in trouble.
But the observations also rule out the report as flawed.
Hence, a need of a more experienced Medical Board who will consider both the Cooper Report and the observations of the AIIMS Board.
The AIIMS report technically cancels the Cooper Report. So, the Cooper report becomes invalid evidence.
Hence, a final medical conclusion is needed.
On the other hand, the CBI has intensified their questioning. Sources say that they are zeroing in on the conclusion that Sushant was being slow-poisoned with narcotics and have got enough evidence for that.
Where the legal evidence is severely lacking is what happened on June 13
The investigations are slow because there is almost zero evidence on what happened on the night before be died.
There is no chance that such physical evidence may be retrieved from the crime scene.
So the CBI has to rely on evidence from other sources like witness statements etc.
There is no clear suspected murderer and there is no clear murder motive either.
Remember in the court, the above two are the most important legal pointers to make a murder charge stick.
There is where the evidence is severely lacking and CBI is specifically working towards that.
Hard evidence is what proves a crime in court. Conspiracy theories, media theories and suicide propagandists only complicate matters further.
Here are the possible outcomes of the case summary report, in case no fresh evidence is retrieved which points that SSR was murdered.
Scenario: Medical Board and evidence point out towards murder but no clear evidence to arrest a murder suspect.
Murder charges to be added and investigations to continue for a confessional statement from one of the suspects.
But it will be tough to make the charges stick in court
Scenario: A clear confessional statement about murder and evidence that undoubtedly points at murder.
Murder weapon retrieved or murder procedure determined (like overdose and then staged hanging).
Suspect will be arrested on murder charges.
Case will be fought in court for years
Scenario: Evidence points out towards unnatural death. No clear conclusion whether suicide or murder.
Then Culpable Homicide to be added and investigations to continue.
Similarly, if suicide is concluded then investigations will continue to find out if there was an abetment.
There is a more unlikely scenario where CBI says it was murder or homicide but also admits in the case summary report that further investigations are not possible because there is severe paucity of legally admissible evidence.
That is an option when CBI fails to find the suspect.
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The above tweets are for information.
Now, comes the appeal part.
There are two opposite forces in each of the below fields which are hampering the investigation.
Media channels, law enforcement and sponsored professionals (Example: PR, lawyer etc)
One force wants suicide proven.
There are reasons why they want the suicide theory to be proven. Let's not go into that (Don't tag anyone).
But political willingness from the parties in power can overpower the above forces and force CBI to investigate properly.
The CBI SIT is an experienced, professional team.
Time has come for the CBI SIT team to aggressively follow-up on the case leads, opt for custodial interrogation... basically tighten their grips on the suspects if they want a proper conclusion.
They are capable of doing that.
But they need proper backing to free their hands
As I had said earlier, the pressure from Bihar's public representatives was the main reason why HMO ordered a CBI investigation.
Point to remember: BJP isn't in power in Bihar. The parties are NDA allies. This makes them more important.
This pressure has always been a key factor.
The politicians from Bihar are busy fighting amongst themselves, like Kumar and Paswan (but both remain NDA allies). They are busy campaigning on ground.
In all this political madness, none of the politicians seem to have remembered that Sushant's case is still stuck where it was
As a result, the pressure on Delhi has waned. The politicians from Bihar have stopped following up.
The CBI reports to Ministry of Personnel which in turn reports to PMO.
Delhi Politicians don't care about the TV news anymore but they will listen to the MPs from their allies
Top politicians in Delhi (ministers) are busy people. They are always on the move. Even if they have the intention, they simply don't have the time to follow up. They will act if their partners from Bihar call up.
Bihar MPs have unprecedented access to Delhi's corridors of power.
Bihar MPs seem to have forgotten to follow-up with Delhi.
If politicians in Bihar are on the case then central leadership will speak to Shri Jitendra Singh, who in turn, will speak to Shri Chandramouli, who in turn, will send a note to Shri Shukla.
Things will start to move fast.
Elections are round the corner, it is necessary that Bihar politicians realise that a resolution to the Sushant's case is the need of the hour.
This is the demand of the people.
This is why I am suggesting that all the digital activism should focus on politicians from Bihar.
If the CBI team is given a free-hand and back-up, then this case will be solved.
The news channels who are propagating the suicide theory (to discredit Republic and gain market share) and some personalities who are trying to have a gag order on activism will stand no chance.
Wherever the Bihar election candidates are present (online or offline) they need to be told that people want a resolution to the Sushant Singh Rajput case.
Sushant's fans don't care about political parties, if you are supporting and speaking out for Sushant, the vote goes to you.
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