If you think what Ice Cube did was bad(which I don’t) just wait til you find out what type of relationship your favorite black leaders had w/ your favorite Eugenics mother Margaret Sanger 😂😂

Talk about Williams Trotter too(if you know about it

or Malcolms meeting w/ the KKK
Talk about McLeod, Mays, C Johnson and nem who met wit Truman

Talk about Farrakhan meeting with Klan leaders

Look into Daryl Davis

Look into Spiral Agnew, who he is and his meetings with different leaders

Even the Black Panthers met with racist figures out of the DPD
No one wants to study though, either that or they don’t care or ignore the info to shape their own narrative.

It’s extremely frustrating to see people so quick to condemn a brother for attempting to do the right thing, a nigga wit a pure heart.
Be so quick to call niggas coons well mf what are YOU doing for the community other than tweeting & complaining, bitch ass nigga

And I wish you niggas would come at me, I keep receipts. This ain’t no game to me, this twitter shit not real.
Niggas don’t understand, this black power shit not no fad to me

A lot of us been fighting for liberation for years, hands dirty trying to empower the people, our people. Once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop. Take this how you want, I’m rapped out
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