This week, Trump praised the police murder of anti-racist #Portland protester Michael Reinoeh while promoting tweets from racist Holocaust revisionist Styxhexenhammer666 + far-Right YouTuber Lauren Southern, both of whom work closely with white nationalists + neo-Nazis. A thread.
At least 21 witnesses have stated that "they had not heard the police identify themselves or give any commands before opening fire. Five witnesses said the shooting began as soon as the task force vehicles arrived and that Reinoehl appeared unarmed."
Trump also RTed a Tweet from far-Right and racist conspiracy theorist Styxhexenhammer666, also known as Tarl Warwick.
Here's Warwick sharing his ideas about the Holocaust and how he doesn't think it happened like "they" say it does.
Warwick often does videos with neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and other racists such as Richard Spencer and Red ICE TV.
Trump also boosted Lauren Southern, known for promoting Alt-Right + white nationalist talking points, especially around immigration. Southern worked with the Identitarian + white nationalist group, Generation Identity, which attacked migrants at sea. 
Here's Lauren Southern reppin MAGA in Berkeley in 2017, hanging out with her buddies Nathan Damigo, ex-con and founder of Identity Evorpa, a neo-Nazi group which marched in Charlottesville and white supremacist Johnny "Monoxide," who was supposed to speak at Unite the Right.
Trump has also boosted the false far-Right conspiracy theory that a private security guard who shot and killed a far-Right Trump supporter at a Patriot rally was in-fact some sort of deep cover antifa agent.
Trump has even boosted Tweets from a pro-MAGA UFC fighter giving tips on how to beat up "hooligans and antifa like individuals."
In 2016 and 2017, Steve Bannon and Milo through Brietbart and backed by the billionaire Mercer family attempted to whitewash the Alt-Right and use it as the online foot-soldiers for the Trump campaign. Spencer explains:
As modern life continues to be gripped by crisis after crisis and the increasing threat of climate change looms - the need for the exploited and excluded to take their lives, destinies, and struggles into their own hands is greater than ever.
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