Today, armed activists led by "Boogaloo Boy" Mike Dunn marched to the Newport News, VA Police Station to defy a local law banning open carry on gov't property (for which Dunn was arrested last week).

The police chief offered chocolate milk and a sound system as a peace offering.
Police Chief Steve R. Drew spoke to the "Boogaloo Boys" et al.

He confirmed that he returned Mike Dunn his handgun today.

He sent his condolences to the family of Duncan Lemp, and said he wants to treat the rally "with the upmost respect" and asked the same from them.
A big sigh came out of @JaPharii757 from #BlackLivesMatter @BLM757 before his speech.

He noted the difference in how police treat unarmed Black Lives Matter activists versus an armed rally like this one.

He says "this showing of force is absolutely beautiful."
Mike Dunn @MDfreedombooms explained how he defied the local gun ordinance and got arrested last week, and then said "legally, we're not supposed to be open carrying here, but we're all open carrying."

"We're here openly and blatantly defying unconstitutional city ordinances."
"Pops" - a BLM activist known to carry guns (today he wore six firearms) - described how police "tear gassed" his group when they were unarmed.

"Armed protesters do not get assaulted by police, that's a fact" he explained.

He says this led him into armed activism.
After speeches, I saw Mike playing with some handcuffs and jokingly asked if he was making an arrest.

He cuffed one hand and brought a few guys with long guns to stare into the police station.

Police didn't respond as he did a photo op next to the "no open carrying" sign.
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