The Insurgents have an operational timeline that extends beyond inauguration day well into 2021. Regardless of the winner, not much regarding their objectives will change. The goal is "Negation", of everything that is/was American. We see this across the entire spectrum of life.
As of this writing (15 Oct 20) the Current Democrat nominee & the Marxists are having a tough week. Hunter Biden's laptop, Debate moderator Sculley, ACB confirmation hearing, POTUS recovering from China-Flu give their supporters the sads. Twitter pulling another "stalin" ws dumb.
When things are going well, you must be the most vigilant. They will ride this out. Operations staged for this week are simply put on hold. They'll let us bask in a few victories but they have not taken their ball & gone home. A quick recap on some assumptions.
1) They never thought they could win. After impeachment failed the plan was always election chaos. Proof of this was Biden/Harris ticket.
2) They believe they can win (Negate US) or wouldn't have expended the assets to get this far
3) The end-state is to completely "Negate" YOU
4) There is a well funded, organized Marxist Revolution/Insurgency that is aligned with Islamist (MB) & foreign actors in a Mass-Line United front happening now.
5) They have underground assets deeply entrenched within our institutions. (Do you trust DoJ, FBI, DoD, CIA, DoS?)
6) The geopolitical forces are moving. (Turkey, NK, China) They will attempt to make gains & impact the election. (They will begin open hostilities if they think they can win)
7) Nov 4th is not the end. It is a Phase Line.

What can we expect to see based on their open planning.
Voter Suppression aimed at Trump supporters. This will be increased violence in Suburban (deep Red) area's & targeted killings (see Denver-Portland). Renewed efforts to hype the China-Flu. (Fauci statements, Harris suspends over staffer, Cuomo actions re Jewish Community
The need to keep the Trump totals down to pull off the next phase. Legal Challenges & Delayed Winner Declarations. This will lead to Fuckery re the Electoral College, talk of Western States succession, and an attempt to delay the Inauguration. All these efforts are to cast doubt
To attempt to De-legitimize the elections, to "Negate" our process. There will be open violence across dozens of major cities (usual suspects & a few new ones) to give the appearance that the election was fraudulent. They will consider it a success if they achieve any One of them
While today, with all indicators of a clear Trump victory, the populace weary of the riots & controversies, a win on election day may seem like a sigh of relief. I would caution everyone to not fall victim to a misplaced sense of relief. This is far-far-far from over.
To wrap up. Renewed violence & Targeted voter suppression efforts at Trump supporters, from now until election night. No clear winner on Election Night. Legal Challenges across the country (they have over 600 attorneys ready to file now) Fuckery w/ electoral college, delay.
Success on any of the above & they declare victory and the next 4 years will be a repeat of the last 4. This is a real danger because many of the GOP will go along with them. They are attempting this because they know the GOP is the defeat mechanism for POTUS & MAGA.
Doubt that? How many recess appointments? Zero. GOP could have stopped Impeachment cold. They didn't, they allowed it to proceed. They'll do the same with the bullshit I listed above. Gen Milley declaring there is no role for federal troops was a signal to the Marxist. Riot on!
Make no doubt folks we are far from anywhere near out of the woods on this. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security. They a f@cking murdering people in your streets. They mean everything they say. Don't doubt them. Stay vigilant. And above all, VOTE.
You want to thank a Vet, honor past Veterans. Vote. Drag someone w/ you. Vote. Stay out of riots. Protect your family & property but avoid those shitheads. The time for confrontation isn't here.......yet. Ignore their garbage polls & dis-information and Vote.
We need a landslide, he needs a mandate of the people. Our elected officials are spineless. They are unsure of what the people want so they waffle. We need to remove all doubt Vote Law & Order. The loudest voices will be our Vote totals. The bigger the # harder they have to cheat
We can win. We can restore some semblance of normal. But we need to Vote. Anything else is pissing in the wind & helping in our own destruction. The greatest pressure on all of them is a landslide victory. Anything less will be a shit show, & all bets are off then.

just sayin
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