If we're serious about progressive &marginalized folks in office, we have to talk about $ in politics, but not just campaigns

As an elected Dem, I'm hit w/more hidden fees than a college bill. I'm expected to contribute THOUSANDS to hdcc, the @AlleghenyDems, my delegation even
I'm expected to pick up the tab for neighborhood party insiders who are nostalgic for the days of "walking around money"

And the higher up you go the more you're expected to pay in assessments fees. In fact the more you pay in fees, the higher up you can expect to go
Leadership pays TENS OF THOUSANDS in assessments every session or cycle.

What does that mean for grassroots candidates who break into the system? Those who don't accept or attract money from certain big corp or labor PACs?
I certainly don't think my small dollar donors expect their contributions to be used for pay to play and assessments. The system couldn't even conceptualize like us in office with grassroots donors like ours. Every dollar matters to us!
Electeds become beholden to big money not just to get elected, but to consistently fulfill these hidden obligations inbetween elections. The turkeys, the bingo donations, the assessments require a healthy campaign PAC

This is a real club &this culture is what needs addressed
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