Let's address #Immigration and #Welfare. This is a common argument against allowing free migration of people across borders.

Our economy thrives with a strong immigrant population, but there is a lot of misinformation about our current system.
#CommonMisconceptions - A Thread
Are undocumented immigrants eligible for federal public benefits?

After going through the legal process, immigrants must wait 5 yrs before becoming eligible for benefits. Undocumented immigrants however, are not eligible at all for any benefits except in limited, dire situations
Won't allowing the free movement of people from other nations into the US cost too much?

Immigrants pay more into benefits than they receive. A study in AZ found that immigrants generate 2.4B/yr in state revenue, which more than offsets the 1.4B cost of how much they use.
But what about the talking points suggesting that welfare use rates are high among immigrants?

Overall, immigrants are less likely to consume welfare benefits at all, and when they do, they generally consume less benefits than native‐​born Americans.
The per capita cost of providing welfare to immigrants is substantially less than the per capita cost of providing welfare to native‐​born Americans.

Of course Libertarians want to see a world where taxation and assistance programs no longer need to exist in their current form
However, this is the reality we live in today. We'll continue to fight to remove the barriers put in place by government.
Libertarians will fight to give you your power back and enable opportunity for upward mobility among immigrants and native people alike.
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