At @PennStateLaw in University Park and @PennStateSIA, we have been collaborating to support voting. Please RT thread with information on #voting widely. 1/14
(1) Registering in #Pennsylvania: The last day to register to #vote in Pennsylvania is October 19. If you have not yet registered to vote, you only have four more days to do so! 2/14
(2) After Today, Request Your #Pennsylvania #MailInBallot in Person: While you may request a Pennsylvania mail-in ballot until Oct. 24, voters are strongly encouraged to request their mail-in ballot in person after Thursday, Oct 15 in case of delays in receiving it. 3/14
(4) #Pennsylvania Deadline for Returning #Ballots: While voters are strongly encouraged to request & return their ballots before the deadlines, @PASupremeCt ruled that mailed ballots postmarked by Nov 3 will be counted, so long as the elections office receives them by Nov 6. 5/14
(5) PA #Voting deadlines here: Once you cast your mail-in ballot you can track it at 6/14
(6) #Voting Resource for All States: If you are planning to vote in another state, the @PSUPILOTlab has created a 50-state #AbsenteeBallot and #MailInBallot resource: . 7/14
(7) Verifying Voting Information: Please remember to verify that any election-related information is correct before sharing. @CentreCountyGov voting website: . Outside Centre County, use resources like . 8/14
If you would like to engage with the election beyond casting your ballot, there are a number of opportunities. Note that at #PennState, Election Day participation can be an excused absence. 9/14
Non-Partisan Pennsylvania:
• Poll Worker (PA sign-up:
• Staff PSU’s Voting Open Office Hours at the HUB 10/14
#PennState AD92 limits University political campaign activities. "Nothing in this Policy is intended to limit the rights of students or employees to express personal opinions or engage in political activity in their individual capacities and as private citizens.” 12/14
• Poll Observer – day-of
• Canvass Observer – days after Election Day
• To volunteer, contact the party you wish to work with 13/14
Many thanks to @micaelahyams, @AshleighHerrin, Kelsi Robinson, Andrea Magana, Imane Guissé, Assoc Dean @amatwyshyn, Assoc Dean Hu, and Assoc Dean @jillengle for their efforts to develop voting materials and support #voting efforts at #PennState. 14/14
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