Let's talk about THE fatal blunder that will cost the Democrats everything:

Making it impossible for most voters to publicly express their support for @realDonaldTrump.

The evidence is in the polls.
Biden's 10-point lead in a recent poll is not possible.

That means he's outperforming ALL PREVIOUS CHALLENGERS in American history.

The only answer is a gigantic silent Trump majority.

Here's what Trump said today:
The Democrats have made it physically, psychologically, economically, academically, and socially DANGEROUS for people to express support for Trump.

Therefore, nobody has any idea how many Americans plan on voting for Trump.
The vast Democrat-led machine pretends that this REALITY simply does not exist.

Think of all the major sports franchises, Hollywood, and TV channels.

There aren't enough Trump-haters to keep these ventures financially viable.

But Biden is 10 points ahead nationally?!
This year, 56 percent of Americans say that they're better off now than four years ago.

Guess how Biden reacted?
"Well, their memory is not very good, quite frankly."
Typical Democrat.

DISMISS VOTERS' OWN WORDS, insult them, and tell them that YOUR made-up reality is correct while their LIVES are fake.

Biden has a 10-point lead nationally?!
Keep in mind that the Gallup poll was done during a pandemic and economic turmoil.

That's astonishing.

But of course Democrats have to deny reality because otherwise they have to admit that they've failed.

And leftists NEVER admit to having failed.

Hence the frenzied desperation.

But this is all their own fault.

Their claim is that supporting Trump is ILLEGITIMATE.


It deserves the DEATH PENALTY.

As a result, most Trump supporters are keeping their support secret.
Hillary Clinton was NOT a horrible candidate.

That's historical revision.

And if she WAS, then what the hell is Joe Biden in comparison?

He's a catastrophe.

And he chose the worst possible running mate.
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