The first video shows two men, one middle aged, one obviously old, being detained by soldiers. They are both wearing camouflage, suggesting they were combatants.

The soldiers speak Russian to their detainees, but Azerbaijani to each other.
The second video shows the summary execution of two men.

Their clothing matches that of the detainees seen in the first video.

The video is entirely consistent people being shot by small arms.
The detainees were detained on the north edge of the town and then transported south, towards Azerbaijani territory.

Azerbaijan has claimed to control the town of Hadrut since Oct 9th, although this has been contested by Armenia.
Today some channels even posted an unrelated video from Azerbaijani troops driving past the park where this execution took place.
At least one of the soldiers in the first video is wearing a Gentex-style helmet, which is not usually used by regular Azerbaijani soldiers.

However, we do know that Azerbaijani special forces use this kind of helmet.
There has clearly been a huge push to claim these videos are fake. One popular claim is that because 1 soldier was wearing a red armband they were Armenian.

This is rather undermined by the Azerbaijani MoD having released images of one of its own soldiers wearing a red arm band.
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