Two Hamza men back in Syria after a bad time in Azerbaijan, a thread.

"We were supposed to be base guards with the Turks. That's what the job was supposed to be."
Syrians died immediately. Everyday, 5-10 killed, sometimes more.
In one batch, snipers killed 28.
Amazing: "the Azerbaijani army was there, but they didn't fight, they stayed 200m behind the Syrians."

They're literally using the Syrians as human shields.
So, since every SNA man sitting in Idlib and Afrin now knows, without a doubt, that they're being sent to stand in front of the Azerbaijanis and die, will the Syrians stop going? No.
They sent 1000 Hamza. Around 300 returned. Lots died. (I'm still surprised about the return. The remaining Hamza were also desperate to leave and weren't allowed.)
Civilian flight from Baku to Ankara, military flight to Gaziantep.
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