Today I ran across one of the most cringeworthy online characters. The Western white guy who marries a Ukrainian woman post-2014 and is now an expert on Ukrainian-Russian history and an arbiter of what qualifies as pro-Ukraine.
Sure thing, guy who's just one messy divorce away from becoming the next Graham Phillips.
"You say you're pro-Ukraine, but I've never heard any of the things you're saying and they contradict what I've picked up from random English speaking people I've met in expat bars in Kyiv in the past four years, so you must be a Russian troll!" -These Guys
And yes, there is of course an exact equivalent to this guy in Russia. Meets Russian woman online, gets married, and next is telling you about the "referendum in the Crimea" and how Putin "saved Russia from the 90's."
Graham Phillips was actually patient zero for a sexpat in Ukraine embracing Russia over a breakup. I don't believe we've seen a reverse Russia-to-Ukraine case yet.
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