Today we launch Alberta's Future our economic vision built in partnership w/ Albertans. Visit  to add your voice. Its based on these principles:
1️⃣ Economic security for Albertans - Jobs in our communities & emerging industries #abfuture #ableg #cdnpoli 1/
2️⃣ The strategy must be equitable, involving women, racialized folks, disabled people, and every other person in Alberta.

3️⃣ Make economic diversification a priority, and reject the UCP’s notion that it is a ‘luxury for another time’. #abfuture #ableg 2/
4️⃣ Recognize the role of government and the public sector in supporting private sector growth. Just like when Peter Lougheed sparked an economic revolution in his province, we too can make strategic public investments to grow new sectors and create new economic booms #abfuture 3/
5️⃣ We will build a path to the top, not incentivize a race to the bottom
We are inviting Albertans to come together, regardless of their political differences, to be part of this conversation. Together, we will explore things like:

✅ Advancing Alberta’s hydrogen industry… 4/
…and become a leader in the new global economy.
✅ New opportunities for extracting metals and carbon fibre from bitumen.
✅ Ways we can use our expertise in drilling oil and gas wells to develop geothermal energy and extract lithium 5/
✅ New initiatives to evolve and adapt Alberta’s agriculture industry.
✅ Ways to push our tourism industry to new heights and grow our arts and culture sectors.
✅ A real plan to expand high-speed internet connectivity to all regions in the province. #abfuture 6/
✅ Ideas to generate a boom in the technology and artificial intelligence space.
✅ Opportunities to advance strategic public investments to remove barriers for women and support new and continued business development. #abfuture 7/
All of these proposals will frame a dynamic, ongoing conversation with Albertans.

‼️ Start today by visiting  ‼️

Together, we can create a bold vision that gets everyday people back to work. 8/8 #abfuture #ableg #cdnpoli #abndp #BetterOffWithRachel
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