A quick thread on that @SoniaFurstenau minute on LNG in BC from the BC Leader's debate on @cknw.

Let's start with the stuff she got absolutely wrong.

The research is clear there is NO EVIDENCE of fracking in BC affecting groundwater

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Rather the research shows that fracking does not have a likelihood of affecting groundwater. In BC our natural gas is simply too deep and the impermeable layers between the layers being fracked and the groundwater aquifers is kilometers thick #bcpoli
This claim is repeatedly used as a form of scaremongering but every reputable review/analysis has come to the same conclusion. Fracking in the northeast has not affected groundwater.

Now let's go to methane

BC has one of the most effective regulatory regimes with respect to fugitive emissions. We don't vent, we strictly limit flaring and we use green completions and as a consequence BC natural gas has the lowest fugitive emissions on the planet. #bcpoli
While some methane is emitted that methane is taken into consideration when considering the life cycle analysis of our LNG and natural gas use/exports.

As for the LNG industry. It will REDUCE global greenhouse gas emissions #bcpoli
It will do so by replacing much higher emitting energy sources in Asia. This is not just me talking it is the peer-reviewed science. Independent scientists doing life cycle analyses confirm #BCLNG will have a net effect of helping to fight climate change #bcpoli
I know it is easier to simply say that burning LNG is bad, but the world can't rely on simple answers to complex questions. The truth of the matter is that complex global issues require complex global solutions and BC LNG is part of the solution not part of the problem #bcpoli
As for her comments about methane emissions the latest from the @IEA World Energy Outlook shows how our regulation of methane emissions have turned us into global leaders in that field. The world still needs natural gas and BC natural gas is among the world's cleanest #bcpoli
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