⛓💔Entangled with You💔⛓

This one gets messy- 😬

⚠️CW: A/B/O, M|M, Soulmate Trope, domestic abuse, multiple relationships, bakukami, Bakukiri, Tododeku, Shinkami, failed relationships, poly-relationship, toxic relationships, A!Katsuki, O!Izuku, A!Shoto, B!Ejirou, O!Denki
A!Shinsou. BakuDeku soulmates, eventual smut, angst, fluff. It’s a mess be prepared 😅

Gift/Commission for: @KattsEyeDemon
Tysm for getting me that bakubag! Hope you enjoy this one!!

This one is gonna have multiple parts to it! Cuz it’s long 😂 BUT HERE WE GO!
Everyone yearned for the day they would find out their soulmates. On their 18th birthday a mark would appear on your wrist, almost like a tattoo, it was barely visible, just barely darker then your skin tone was the name of your soulmate. Soon birthdays came and people started
finding out who they were meant to be with.. some had no idea… and some rejected the thought.

April 20th… Katsuki wakes up bright and early like he usually does and stretches. He reaches for his phone and remembers its birthday… his 18th birthday. “Which extra out there in
the big world is mine…” Katsuki snickered to himself. Maybe it’d be his current situation.. he and Denki shared heats and ruts together.. or maybe it was Kirishima.. hmm.. maybe even round cheeks. Katsuki smirked to himself. He then rolled up his sleeve.

The name that marked
his skin had him stop dead in his tracks.

“Izuku Midoriya”

The alpha flared his nostrils and anger bubbled in his chest. “What the fuck..” he mumbled under his breath. He gritted his teeth and looked around his room. He grabbed one of his sweat bands and put in on his wrist
and he decided right then and there. No one was to find out. No one. He’ll hide this. Maybe even get it removed.

Did he want it removed though…?

“HUH- of course I do!” Katsuki huffed to himself, his inner instincts whining at Katsuki’s stern thoughts.

Ever since Deku
presented as an omega Katsuki would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about Deku as a mate, he did have thoughts about trying but at the same time.. to try and be with Deku meant that Deku would then have control over a very deep part of him that he held close.. he didn’t
want Deku to have that… plus… he had an omega. Denki. Yeah… denki.. Katsuki smirked as he got out of bed.

I don’t need a soulmate. I have a perfectly good mate right now.

Katsuki got dressed and went down stairs, he went about his morning routine and ate a small breakfast
before going out on his morning jog around campus.

As he came back from his jog it was mid morning and everyone was mostly up. As he walked into the dorms he looked around, Deku was nowhere to be seen.. perfect.

Then a sleepy omega caught his eye as he stumbled into the
common room. Bakugou smirked to himself and stalked his way over to the yellow haired omega. He snaked his arms around his waist and scented him right then and there in the middle of the common room.

Denki let out coos and purrs along with a sleepy laugh. “Kaachan-“
“Just call me Katsuki Kay dunce Face..” Katsuki said as he rubbed his neck gland abasing Denki’s.

“Why? I like calling you that..” Denki whined softly.

“I just wanna think of you… come up with your own nickname.” Katsuki groaned childishly as he held Denki close.
“Woah! Bakugou giving in to your urges! What is Denki your soulmate or something?” A voice boasted.

Katsuki turned his head still holding on to Denki to see Mina with her hands in her hips.

“Oh- right! It’s your birthday! Happy birthday babe~” Denki hummed as he kissed
Katsuki’s cheek.

“Thanks..” Katsuki gruffed with a gentle smile.

“I’m waiting Bakugou! Who’s your soulmate?” Mina poked.

“Don’t got one.” Katsuki huffed as he then dug his face back into Denki’s neck.


Izuku just returning from his morning training walked in right as
the whole scene played out with Mina confronting Katsuki.

His ears immediately dialing in to the conversation. Deep down Izuku craved attention from Katsuki. From a young age he wanted nothing more than to stand by his side. He was lucky they patched things up and were
‘friends’ but Izuku wanted more. He felt and internal tug toward Katsuki that he couldn’t explain. He was so excited for the day he’d find out his soulmate… but he also dreaded the fact that Katsuki would find out first if they were soulmates… how would he react? He hoped
Katsuki would be excited and that maybe Izuku wasn’t misreading all those steamy spar sessions and late night talks.

So when Izuku heard those words. “Don’t got one” and seeing Katsuki nuzzle into Denki, all his emotions bubbled up in his chest.

He was devastated that kaachan
didn’t have a mark.. but also jealous that Denki would get Katsuki affections.. was he really just a useless omega to Katsuki… sure he was strong and worth of being a partner on the battlefield but… was he not worth enough for his love?

Izuku sighed and looked down at his own
wrist. In 3 months he’d know who his soulmate was… maybe that would ease his pain over Katsuki. He sighed and scratched the back of his head.

“Deku! You’re back!” Uraraka called from the table.

“Oh! Yeah I was out training this morning!” Izuku chuckled as he walked over to
his friends with his usual smile.

Katsuki lifted his gaze over to Deku and frowned. He then looked down to Denki and pushed down the bubble of feelings that started to churn in his chest.

//I don’t need a soulmate when Deku is the other half. I can live without it and be just
as happy.// Katsuki thought as he was led to the table by Denki.

As they sat there at the table Katsuki’s eyes kept drifting over to Izuku.. how Todoroki was too close… how iida was too close. But he’d snap out of it and look at Denki which calmed him instantly. He needed to
just ignore this. It will go away. Maybe if he started courting Denki for real.. this would subside… yeah..

Katsuki tightened his grip around Denki and nipped his neck before letting out a deep coo that made Denki shiver. “Ah- Katsuki…” Denki whispered as he looked down at
Katsuki. “I’m not awake enough for this!” He whined. “We can do stuff later!” Denki whined as he leaned into Katsuki.

Izuku’s mouth went dry with jealousy at the scene. Bakugou was being overly affectionate today toward Denki and it made him just get sick to his stomach. Izuku
abruptly got up. “I-I’ll see your guys later. I wanna make sure I’ve got everything for class.” Izuku said to his friends as he then shoved the last of his food into his mouth and picked up his glass of water.

“Oh- alright Deku.” Uraraka said a bit deflated.
“Sure thing Midoriya! You need to be prepared for today’s lessons!” Iida nodded.

Todoroki nodded and continued to eat his breakfast. “See you in class Izuku.”

Izuku paused and smiled. “Hmm.. see you guys.” He then went off to his room.

Katsuki watched Izuku leave and then
looked down. He needed to start counting Denki today. Maybe then he’d stop being so hyper focused.
⛓TBC~ gonna be soon
Fast forward a few months and Katsuki indeed learned to control his urges toward Izuku, mainly being that he cut Izuku out of every aspect of his life including their sparring sessions, and late night talks. He was chest deep courting Denki and it all seemed to be going well..
Katsuki was content with the life he’d lead, well until it was Denki’s birthday.

Denki woke up in Katsuki’s arms and stretched.

Katsuki had been awake for hours just holding his omega close.. hoping that their soulmate was some far off nobody that Denki would never meet.
He didn’t want to lose this, but the world wasn’t kind.

Denki shifted in his sleep and nuzzled against Katsuki’s neck, crimson eyes focused on the wrist of his lover..

Hitoshi Shinsou.

Katsuki’s heart shattered right then and there. That fucker from 3-B… Katsuki sighed and
pulled Denki closed, scenting him heavily and trying to prove he loved him.

“Suukii~” Denki cooed as he chuckled.

“I love ya… ya know that.” Katsuki said as he held only Denki tighter.

Denki hugged Katsuki back eyes now wide as he heard the raw emotion trembling in
Katsuki’s words.

“I love you too suki~” Denki hummed as he nuzzled into Katsuki’s neck. At that moment his eyes caught end of the writing on his wrist and he moved to look at it as he snuggled with Katsuki.

There he saw… Hitoshi Shinsou. Denki’s eyes went wide and
immediately felt off about the whole situation. His soulmate was literally next door. He saw him everyday, this was so exciting..

But, Katsuki. Denki furrowed his brows and snuggled in. Katsuki must’ve seen his mark. He never says I love you out of nowhere like that. The rest
of the morning they spend in each other’s arms, thankfully it’s a weekend so it wasn’t totally disruptive but a lot of people had their suspicions as to why they didn’t leave the room, and no noise came from the room.

When they did finally emerge, Denki brushed off all comments
and questions. He didn’t want to talk about it but he did say he knew his soulmate. Which had everyone wondering who it could possibly be, and they wouldn’t have to wait long.

Three days later a purple haired alpha walked up to class 3-A and let himself in.

Katsuki had a
protective arm around Denki like he always had waiting for class to start, and upon making eye contact Katsuki snarled which brought everyone to full attention.

Hitoshi raised his hands up. “Chill out… I’m just here to talk..” he said monotoned.

“W- why don’t we talk in the
hall?” Denki suggested.

Shinsou raised his brows and squinted at Denki and then looked to Katsuki. “Sure.. that’s fine as long as he doesn’t decide to kill me.”

Denki looked to Katsuk. “Suki..”

Katsuki looked to Denki with furrowed brows. The few moments they stared at each
other gave the class their answer. “Tch…I won’t do nothing.” Katsuki huffed as he reluctantly let go of Denki.

Denki got up and left the room with Shinsou. That was the beginning of the end, and Katsuki could feel it. A week later the two broke their thing off.. and Denki
decided to spend his next heat with Shinsou, which wouldn’t be for another two months but still. This meant Denki was moving on.

Katsuki was a raging mess. He was pissed and angry, but how could he hold someone from their soulmate when they were so close already… Shinsou and
Denki did hang out while they were together, and they did seem to have a knack for each other.

Katsuki sulked for a while, opting to do his training alone… on top of not training with Deku anymore, he canceled them with everyone. The blonde alpha seemed lost and had no idea how
to find a new path.. and then Kirishima stepped in.

“Hey bro..” Kirishima greeted as he sat down next to Katsuki.

“Tch… what do you want shitty hair?” Katsuki growled.

Kirishima chuckled. “I’m worried about you, I know things are tough, but I want you to know I’m here for
you!” The red haired beta cheered. “You need anything bro, I’ll be there for ya!”

Katsuki looked at Kirishima with furrowed brows. “Tch… S’fine… just gotta get over it. Denki is gonna be happy with his soulmate.” Katsuki said softly as he looked down.

Kirishima nodded.
“You’re a good person to let someone you love go… it’s a real shame you don’t have a soulmate… they’d be lucky to have someone so nice and caring…”

Katsuki looked up to Kirishima.

“I mean- you- when you were with Denki you were really affectionate… you seemed to treat him
well.” Kirishima sputtered, blushing a bit. “It’s a shame you don’t have a meant to be.. cuz they’d be lucky-“ Kirishima said. “Is what I’m sayin…” the beta chuckled nervously.

Katsuki smirked. “Tch… stupid.” He looked down and then forward. He did have a meant to be… he
just didn’t want that person. Well… correction.. he was too stubborn to give himself to that person. He didn’t need that nerd in his life. He could be happy without him. He could lead a life without Deku in his shadows, or him living in Deku’s shadows.

“It ain’t stupid! I’m
saying the truth! I hope my soulmate is like you!” Kirishima said with a laugh as he got up. “Even if they were half as nice as you were to Denki I’d be happy.” Kirishima said as he put his hands on his hips.

Katsuki shook his head. “Now you’re blowing smoke up my ass..”
Katsuki huffed as he got up, he wore a small smirk on his lips that had Kirishima smiling proudly as he watched his friend.

Katsuki looked Kirishima up and down. “Wipe that smile of your face dumbass…” he huffed as he turned on his heels and walked into the dorms. Katsuki
shuffled into the living room and plopped down on the couch soon members of the class started trickling in while they all watched a movie.

Few hours later they all were cleaning up when the main door opened revealing the “Deku squad” walking back in laughing and having a good

Katsuki made eye contact with Deku and he immediately looked away. Katsuki followed suit.

“Hey where’d you guys go?” Mina called.

“Oh.. I wanted to take Midoriya out to dinner and a movie for his birthday. Iida, Uraraka and Asui wanted to come along too.” Todoroki
said as he walked up behind Izuku.

Mina gasped. “OH! I didn’t know your birthday was today! Izuku!!!! Happy birthday!!” She said as she ran over and hugged Izuku.

Izuku chuckled. “Aha it’s not my birthday yet, it’s tomorrow, I have to leave after classes tomorrow to see my
mom and stuff so I can’t celebrate it here tomorrow.” The omega said as Mina let go.

“Oh that’s makes sense.”

“So Deku you think you know who your soulmate is?” Sero spoke up from the living room.

Katsuki glanced over his shoulder toward Izuku and swore he saw the tail end
of Izuku’s look.

“Uh- I don’t know… honestly I’m just.. just gonna go with the flow.” Izuku beamed.

Katsuki chuffed to himself and went back to cleaning. Kirishima was picking up the popcorn bowls and pillows and Katsuki decided to make a final move to maybe keep Deku from
coming out about their soulmate bond before he could have the chance to know.

He walked up to Kirishima and placed a hand on the small of his back, he could feel the emerald eyes on him as he spoke to Kirishima.

Izuku was nervous about all the questions, and brushed them off
with ‘I don’t knows’ and ‘hopeful maybe’s’, by that didn’t stop him from seeing the way Katsuki cornered Kirishima, the way the red head blushed and stuttered at the closeness. Katsuki had a new interest. Eventually the class all settled down for the night and Izuku went to his

The greenette stayed up and waited and waited, reorganizing his room multiple times, placing his pillows differently, curling then in on each other and then unfolding them. He was restless.


Izuku stared at his clock.. it was 3 minutes away.
He curled up in his uncomfortable nest and held his wrist close as he watched his clock countdown. It was beyond slow.. the slowest thing in this world.


Izuku stared at his wrist. Who was his soulmate? He was so excited and nervous at the same time. He could finally
get over this stupid crush he had. His one sided feelings. Maybe he could move on finally and maybe he could just finally breathe easy knowing his soulmate was someone he never met before but will meet in the future…


Slowly letters just barely darker than his skin
begin to fade into place. Izuku’s heart drops to the floor.. and immediately his mind reels with the revaluation.

//Katsuki Bakugou//

Izuku eyes widen and his mind lets himself fall into the initial happiness the omega squeals and curls around in his blankets. Happy cooes and
purrs erupt from his body. So overjoyed that kaachan was his soulmate. Izuku held his wrist close and smiled warmly. He felt so complete knowing it was Katsuki all along. He wasn’t misreading his feelings.

“Kaachan-“ Izuku mumbled but then as if someone slapped him back to the
real world, his happy emotions were immediately replaced with pain and sadness.. despair and Agony.

‘Who’s your soulmate?’

‘Don’t got one’

Izuku gripped his wrist close as tears formed in his eyes. Katsuki lied. He did have a soulmate. It was Izuku.

Izuku’s heart was
shattering as time went by. All the actions Katsuki took in front of Izuku.. they were intentional. The touching and the affections towards others when he knew Izuku was there was all on purpose. Izuku knew right then and there… Katsuki didn’t want him. A small silent sob tore
through Izuku’s body. Not even wanted by your soulmate… Izuku wanted nothing more then to be by Katsuki side and now knowing what he knows.. he can’t stay by his side. Katsuki made that clear.. sure Hero duos were something they had talked about but ever since Katsuki birthday,
they stopped having sparring sessions, he canceled their late night talks and avoided him. They never spent time together, the only time spent was when they were paired to train together and even then, Katsuki acted differently and didn't hang around.

The poor omega didn’t even
realize he was trapped awake in his sorrows until he heard his phone go off. He looked at the phone and sighed.. just an email.. he then wiped his tears and put his phone away after seeing the time. It was nearly 3am.. he needed to be up in an hour for his morning training.
An hour and a half later Izuku’s alarm went off. Izuku groggily hit the alarm off and got up. He couldn’t mess up his training.

Once in his jogger Izuku looked at the mirror, his reflection looked like it was on the verge of death. Izuku looked down at his table and saw some
waterproof concealer he’d bought a while back to hide some of his scars. He grew out of that habit but.. he never threw it out.

Izuku sighed and dabbed some under his eyes in place and then powdered them. He looked better now.

Izuku looked down at his wrist and sighed.
He then looked back up at the mirror.

He shook his head and shoved the concealer and powder in his bag and threw it over his shoulder and off he went. The greenette walked into the common room and slipped on his red shoes before opening the door, the smell of cinnamon and
Caramel faintly brushed by him making Izuku pause. He then shook his head and left, he wasn’t going to let it fester.

As soon as he closed the door Izuku took off on a jog. He knew Katsuki did a morning run but never had he seen him up this early. The omega ran and ran and
picked up his speed. He was going to ignore it.

He had to. He had to..
Two hours later and Izuku found himself buying a snack and the vending machine. He knew he’d need to go back and get breakfast if he wanted to be responsible but… the chance of facing Katsuki with a fragile mind was not something Izuku wanted.

So against all of his thoughts
Izuku just settled for three protein bars and some strawberry milk. Along with some canned coffee.

Soon class rolled around and he walked into the school and to class, as he opened the door he saw something that made him feel unwelcome.

Kirishima was sitting on Katsuki’s lap
while Katsuki had him in a headlock. Denki was laughing and making jabs about the two getting “together” so soon after their breakup. Katsuki paid no mind and for once didn’t snap at Denki or anyone who jabbed at him. Izuku gulped down hard.


Izuku then caught the
crimson eyes in his own, Izuku held his stare, and watched Katsuki’s eyes shift.

‘Don’t say a fuckin word’

The pure rage and disgust in Katsuki’s eyes was like a bomb shattering Izuku’s defenses. Izuku looked at Katsuki and his lips quivered but he remained straight faced. He
then looked down and pinched his nose.

“Oh! Deku! Happy birthday!!” Uraraka said as she hugged Izuku from behind.

Izuku stayed still and didn’t respond as his classmates all wished him and happy birthday. Pretty soon people got concerned.

“Midoriya? Are you okay?” Todoroki

“S’fine… I’m not feeling well.” Izuku said as he looked up at everyone. “I’ll be right back okay..” Izuku said as he pushed through everyone and into the halls, and without raising any more suspicion Izuku made a b-line directly to the bathroom. By the time he got to
the bathroom tears were streaming his face. He couldn’t hold back the pain. He quickly wiped his tears as he hyperventilated in the bathroom. He looked at the mirror and looked himself over. He looked absolutely pathetic.

After about 5 minutes he calmed himself down enough to
the point where the sadness expired and it was replaced with anger and confusion. He then looked at his wrist and scowled. “Fine. You don’t want me..”

Izuku shuffled through his bag and applied his concealer to his wrist and powered it to seal it in place. “Then two can play
this game kaachan.” Izuku looked down at his handiwork and his mark was completely hidden. He then looked at his reflection and smiled widely. “I don’t need you.” Izuku huffed as he then stuffed his items in his bag and made sure he looked alright to head back to class.
“I’ll make my own path without you in it.” He knew he was lying to himself but he had wore a fake smile before.. he can do it again.

He stopped by the recovery girls office for some pain medication for his headache that was starting and went straight into class.
Upon entering he walked in with a stride of confidence. “Sorry I was late, I wasn't feeling well. I went to see a Recovery girl.” Izuku said as he handed the teacher his note.

“Very well Midoriya. Please have a seat.”

Izuku nodded and then walked to his seat completely
ignoring Katsuki's looks. The rest of the day until much went off without a hitch. Then people started asking.

“Sooo~~ Deku who’s your soulmate~” Uraraka asked as Deku packed his bag up for lunch.

“Oh…” he caught red eyes staring at him. Izuku shook his head.
“Don’t have one.”

Katsuki froze in place.

“Huh!?! That’s impossible!! How can two people not have soulmates in our class!! Show me your wrist!” Uraraka demanded.

Izuku nodded. “I don’t know! It’s just a coincidence I guess. And sure… I’m not lying.” Izuku said as he pulled
up his sleeve revealing his wrist and held it up to Uraraka.

“See… nothing.”

Izuku’s blank wrist shot directly through Katsuki’s chest. What the fuck…. he had Deku’s name on his wrist but the nerd didn’t have his??

“Whhhaaa!! Deku! I’m sorry” Uraraka said as she grabbed
his wrist and looked up at him. “Well fuck soulmates!! You can be happy without one!” Uraraka said triumphantly as she hooked arms with izuku.

Izuku nodded and smiled to Uraraka. “Yeah..” he said as he let her lead him out of the room, but before they left he looked over his
shoulder and saw Katsuki standing there fuming in anger and confusion.

Izuku turned his head abruptly and went on about his day.. the whole time he felt those blazing crimson eyes on him, but their owner refused to come forward. Izuku eventually left campus to head over to his
mother's house where they would celebrate his 18th birthday, like they always did.

The night went on and Izuku had a blast with his mom! They ate his favorite meal, katsudon, and then had Mochi ice cream with ice cream cake for dessert, and they finished the night watching an
old All Might movie that they’d seen hundreds of times. At the end of the movie Izuku was getting ready to make his way back to the campus as he had classes the next morning, his mother stopped him.

“Hey sweetie..” Inko asked as she held up a box. “It’s not much but I figured-
maybe you’d like it? I got it made custom!” She beamed happily.

Izuku raised his brows and opened the box, he was immediately met with a green bomber jacket, the small omega gasped and pulled it out of the box. “Oh my gosh!” Izuku squealed as he held it up. It was a custom
jacket based on his hero costume.

“Mom!” Izuku gasped happily as he slid it on. It was a bit big on him… I mean it was definitely something to grow into a little bit but it still looked nice. “I love it!” He said as he hugged her.

Inko cooed happily and hugged her son back.
“Ah I’m so glad! I got it made a bit bigger so it could last!” She said as she pulled away from her son and looked up at him.

Izuku smiled. “I love it mom… I really do!” Izuku hummed as he smiled brightly.

Inko giggled and then looked down. Izuku knew the question was
coming.. he knew his mother was going to ask… he didn’t want to tell her he was unwanted… but he can’t keep, keeping secrets from his mother. It’s not fair to her.

“I know it’s a bit random but I’m curious-“

“It’s kaachan mom.” Izuku said with a solemn expression.
Inko lit up. “R-really! Oh my gosh! That’s great! I can’t wait to tell Mitsuk-“

“Please don’t-“ Izuku said, cutting her off.

Inko furrowed her brows. “W-why? It’s exciting! Mitsuki and I hoped for this..” the beta woman’s expression dropped.

“He made it clear he had other
plans.” Izuku huffed and happy stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“What do you-“ then it hit her.. Katsuki birthday was months ago, they would have known if Katsuki accepted the soulmate mark, but they didn’t which meant Katsuki hid his. “Did he tell you?”

“No I found out last
night… I stayed up until midnight.” Izuku said looking down. “It’s okay mom..” Izuku looked up at his mother. “I don’t need a soulmate to be happy! Plenty of people never find there’s.” Izuku argued.

Inko furrowed her brows. “But you found yours.. it’s not right.”
“Mom please..”

“No Izuku! Soulmates are meant to be! Yes you can be happy without one… I was but I don’t want you to live the same life I did! Looking for your soulmate after someone you loved and built a life with left to be with theirs. It’s not right!” Inko bursted and then
covered her mouth.

Izuku stood there eyes wide. “Dad wasn’t your soulmate…” the omega mumbled out in shock.

Inko looked at her son, eyes wide at what she just admitted. “Izuku- I- “ she couldn’t talk her way out of this one. “N- no… he wasn’t.” She admired.

“But you-“
“I know I said he was… I wanted him to be!” Inko said as she clenched her fists. “But he wasn’t… and it’s not right holding someone back from who they are meant to be with!” Inko said tears in her eyes. “Katsuki and you are soulmates…” Inko said as she looked at her son.
“You can’t just ignore-“

“Mom I’ve already made my decision and Kaachan made his.” Izuku said firmly. “On his birthday people asked if he had a soulmate and he said he didn’t have one.” Izuku huffed. “So… he doesn’t have one and neither do I.” Izuku said as he took a ragged

Inko opened and closed her mouth. She couldn’t say anything. How could Katsuki be that cruel to his soulmate? How could Izuku be that cruel back? Why was this happening to her baby? Why can’t he just be happy? She knows how much her son loves Katsuki, from a young age
that was obvious.

“Please don’t tell anyone. I don’t want anyone knowing..” Izuku said as he zipped up his jacket.


“Promise me mom.” Izuku pleaded firmly.

Inko sucked in a breath and then nodded. “I promise.” Inko sighed. “I’m sorry honey..”

Izuku sighed and
then stepped forward and hugged his mother. “I’ll be alright mom.” Izuku hummed.

Shortly after that Izuku left and called a cab since the trains were now closed. The cab dropped him off in front of UA and Izuku sighed making his way back to the dorms, about halfway there Izuku
could smell burnt caramel, and bitter acidity.

Izuku halted in his place and clenched his fists in his jacket. He focused his eyes on the path ahead and sitting on a bench under the light sat a hunched over blonde with his hands folded under his chin.
“Why are you pissed off?” Izuku spitted as he stood his ground.

The blonde whipped his head up and looked directly at Izuku, eyes wide for a moment, but quickly it fell into a burning scowl. He stood up and made his way over to Izuku without saying a word.
Izuku clenched his fists, growing angry himself. “Answer me Kaachan!”

As the blonde stomped closer Izuku hesitantly took a step back. The scent growing stronger and more bitter as it invaded his space. “Kaachan-“
Katsuki grabbed Izuku's wrist and pulled him off the main trail abruptly. The omega pushed and clawed at Katsuki’s hand trying to fight him off without using his quirk but Katsuki was strong and dragged him along.

Izuku finally had enough and growled as he activated OFA and
broke free of Katsuki’s grip. “I said answer me!” Izuku snarled.

“Bullshit you don’t have one.” Katsuki growled deeply as he stood toe to toe with Izuku.

“I don’t.” Izuku huffed.

Katsuki snarled again and shoved Izuku to the ground.
“BULLSHIT!! You fucking covered it up! Got rid of it!” Katsuki said as he stood over Izuku.

Izuku gasped and then yelped in pain briefly as he hit the ground, he then looked up at Katsuki, the force of hitting the ground on his side would definitely leave a bruise.
“So… why do you care?” Izuku spat back as he grimaced.

Katsuki puffed his chest. “Cuz I’ve got your fucking name on my wrist.” Katsuki admitted.

Izuku furrowed his brows and pushed himself up. “So? On your birthday you told everyone you don’t have one…” the smell of sour
milk and sharp peppermint burned Katsuki’s nose.

Katsuki gulped.

“So why do I need to say I’m kaachan’s! When you won’t say you are mine.” Izuku said as he took a step forward into Bakugou’s space.

“You- Tch! You covered yours up! Or got rid of it! That’s-“
“That’s what kaachan? Cruel?” Izuku retorted. “You haven’t even seen me be cruel.. but you! You know cruel!” Izuku raged. “You knew I was your soulmate all along and what did you do!”

Katsuki stood there, eyes wide and fists clenched.
“You actively flirted and courted people in front of me, made me feel uncomfortable around you, always reminded me that you didn’t want me!” Izuku’s voice cracked. “Cut me out of your life!”

“So don’t call me cruel for covering up your name, when you were the one who made me
feel like I should!” Izuku cried out painfully.

Katsuki was speechless, yes he did do those things on purpose but did he really think Deku would pick up on them… at this moment it hit him with shock but he knew it would get under Deku’s skin.. he was smart and cunning and
methodical. He always analyzed everything, of course he’d see Katsuki’s true intentions and it’d be confirmed when he got his soulmate mark.

“So you want to think I’m cruel, fine… I’ll play that part.” Izuku paused.
“I’m going back to the dorms.” Izuku turned on his feet and started to walk back.

“Goodnight… Bakugou.” Izuku said bitterly as he then walked away.

Katsuki stood there and he could feel his heart shatter at the sound of his last name coming off Izuku's tongue.
It didn’t sound right.

“Oi!” Katsuki called out.

Izuku ignored and kept walking.

Katsuki stood there frozen. Even though it was midsummer.. he felt as though he was left to freeze in the cold. Katsuki eventually made his way back to the dorms and when he did he went
straight for the showers and then directly to bed. It was beyond his bedtime and he was beyond the point of being about to collect his thoughts.. he didn’t know what he wanted. Did he want Izuku? Did he just fuck up this entire thing? What was he supposed to do?
He didn’t want to let Deku in… let him see the most sensitive parts of himself… but upon thinking about it before he found out Izuku was his soulmate; Katsuki would seek the green haired omega out to talk about his troubles or to ground himself.
Izuku was an integral part of his life, and these past months he’d been careless and tonight was the final straw. The bridge he and Izuku had built was beginning to burn and there wasn’t a bucket of water in sight.

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The next day things were definitely worse for wear. Everyone could feel something was off and it wasn’t something small. It was big, but no one had a clue as to what it was, well except Katsuki and Izuku.

Katsuki got up that morning and went for his jog, and upon his return
everyone was already sitting and eating breakfast including Izuku. Katsuki gulped a bit and then looked to find Kirishima. He sat down next to him and pulled together a plate.

“Morning Bakugou!” A few different voices called.

Katsuki gruffed in response.

The air fell silent
and Katsuki felt eyes start to wander onto him, but also knew… they were in Izuku as well.

Izuku got up from the table and put his dishes in the sink. He then turned on his heels and left to go to his room, not even saying a single word. The whole class as soon as Izuku was
out of ear shot turned to Bakugou.

“Why didn’t he say good morning to you?” Uraraka asked seriously.

“TCH- like hell I know.” Katsuki growled lowly and got up. The alpha then stormed off and out of the dorms. Katsuki didn’t know what to do.. he fucked up last night and now
Izuku was making it clear.

‘LIKE HELL! I care’ Katsuki thought as he stomped off. ‘This is a good thing.. Deku finally off my back! I don’t need to be angry about this. I’ll be fine! I’ll be great!’ Katsuki thought to himself as he stormed off.

What Katsuki didn’t take into
account was how wrong he could actually be. The next few months were excruciating, Izuku always avoided talking to Katsuki, always asked for a different partner or paired up with fucking half and half.

Katsuki as the months went by established a relationship with Kirishima and
the two were quickly labeled an item, the day Katsuki dreaded was finding out Kirishima’s soulmate and it turned out to be someone he never heard of before, so the two stuck it out together.

Soon it was the last month of their time at UA and the relationship between Izuku and
Katsuki seemed to settle, but Izuku never called Katsuki by his usual nickname and the first time it happened everyone knew something ticked Izuku off. People had their suspicions but Izuku quickly debunked them by showing them blank wrists. When people asked about why Izuku
suddenly stopped talking with Katsuki he’d say. “Sometimes friends drift apart.. it’s natural.”

The dorms were a busy place, everyone was preparing for their graduation, getting sidekick jobs lined up and trying to find an apartment to work from, everyone had their plates full.
Well everyone but Izuku, the green haired omega was always lending everyone a hand with their paperwork, always giving them help whenever he could. Izuku hadn’t told anyone yet but he had already planned his life after UA and all he had to do now was wait until graduation and
then he could start on a new journey.

Life didn’t seem to be out of the ordinary, everyone had a routine and they stuck to it. It was the morning of graduation, the last day Katsuki would run around this campus in his morning workout. He took a deep breath and sighed. Boy was
he gonna actually miss this place. He didn’t think he would but looking back.. he was. This school had taught him so many things and gave him so many opportunities, this place was a treasure. The Alpha went running and after about 20 minutes or so he found himself stumbling upon
Izuku doing some training moves off in the field.

Katsuki slowed his jog and watched for a few moments. Izuku jumped through the air with ease sending gusts of wind in his wake as he practiced and practiced. He then would drop to the ground and mutter as he wrote something down
in his notebook. Katsuki pulled up his jogger sleeve and looked down at the words marking his wrist and then back up at Izuku and froze.

Izuku had been so trapped in his work set that he barely realized he was being watched until after his train of thought had been written out.
He caught the warm spicy scent he knew all too well in the cold rigid air and he stood up. He saw the blond looking down at his wrist. That honestly pissed him off.

//‘you think you can blow up at me and then regret it later like I’ll wait for you after being so cruel and not
even apologizing.. Tch.. yeah right..’// Izuku thought to himself bitterly.

He quickly gathered his book and stared at the blonde with a glare until he met his eyes. Izuku chuffed and then turned his back in Katsuki walking away.

Katsuki’s mouth went dry and then he growled
in return storming off. //‘whatever you fucking prick…’// Katsuki thought to himself as he picked up his pace again.

The two didn’t speak for the rest of the day, even during the ceremony. Katsuki, Izuku and Shinsou were the big three crowned at the ceremony with
Izuku being 1st, Katsuki 2nd and Shinsou 3rd. Everyone cheered and each of them gave their speeches or thanks. Once that was all over Katsuki and Izuku were corralled into a photo with each other and their family.

Inko looked at Katsuki and Izuku and squished the two of them
together. “M-mom-“

Inko looked at Izuku and gave a small snarl at her own son which got Katsuki’s attention. Izuku sighed and then gave a smile as he threw his arm around Katsuki for the photo to which Katsuki mirrored so he wouldn’t piss off anyone of his parents or Auntie who
already seemed pissed. It did actually feel nice to have Izuku’s scent close to him but he knew it was an act, therefore this was null and void.

As soon as the photos with family and one of just Katuski and Izuku, Izuku pulled his arm away from Katsuki quicker then Katsuki
could process and before he knew it Izuku disappeared into the crowds. Eventually the classes broke off into the dorms and partied there, there were brief moments he saw Izuku but none were significant. The night went on in a blur, and for once Katsuki genuinely was brought out
of his shell and laughed it up with Kirishima by his side and his friends. Tonight was the last time he’d be able to hang out with everyone for awhile as they all started jobs all across Japan. He’d never say it to their faces but he’d miss them. It was a night to remember!
The morning however, would bring a feeling Katsuki would wish he could forget.
Tonight was a night he did not want to remember. Izuku once back at the dorms stayed and partied with his group of friends but he didn’t really want to get caught up too late with everyone, he told them he was tired and wanted to rest as his excuse to leave the party, but the
truth was he had a plane to catch in only a few hours. He was moving to America to start a work study as a hero, not a sidekick but an actual hero with All Might's recommendation of course, along with countless other UA teachers giving their letters of recommendation as well, a
new start up agency headed by Melissa Shield. Izuku was going to be the figurehead of the agency and start it off with a bang; of course there were other heros signed in the agency as well but Izuku was lucky enough to be able to attain the hero title as soon as he graduated, a
pretty amazing feat for an Omegan Hero.

As to not raise alarm to his friends, Izuku slowly emptied his room over the course of a few months, which left him with an utterly empty room and nothing to do but pack the remainder of his things and wait. Izuku just wanted to distance
himself as far as possible from his class.. he did love them and did care for them but ultimately to move on and heal his heart he needed a break.. from everyone. Including his trusted friends. Plus, this opportunity was something he couldn’t pass up, not long after Izuku’s
heartbreak Melissa reached out to him with the offer, and Izuku jumped at the opportunity quickly putting it into action and getting everything in line to be accepted into the USA and international Heros commission at such a young age.

Once the dorms settled down and everyone
was asleep, Izuku with only his suitcase and backpack, made his way out of the dorms. The UA staff was in on Izuku’s plans and all were happy for Izuku to be accepted for the opportunity. All Might and Aizawa even offered to accompany him to the airport with his mother to see him

Izuku pulled a note from his pocket and left it on the table of the common room. He smiled at the note and dryly laughed. He pondered if he should leave a special note for his friends or for Katsuki but.. what difference would it make. His real friends would understand and
Katsuki.. he probably wouldn’t care anyways. The omega sighed and looked around the common room one last time before he walked out into the crisp cold early morning air.

“Good morning Problem Child.” Aizawa said huskily. “You ready to go?” The older man said as he sipped a steam
hot cup of coffee.

Izuku took a deep breath and looked hesitant.

“Ya know.. change is scary but I think this opportunity in the states will be good for you..” Aizawa said honestly. “It will all work out.. you just gotta embrace it.”
Izuku looked up at his teacher and let out a small nervous laugh. “Right…” he paused. Izuku turned back and looked up at his old dorm building, all the good and bad memories flashing through his mind. He closed his eyes and sucked in the familiar smell one last time before he
opened them again. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” He said with a genuine smile.

Aizawa smiled in return. “Alright, let’s get going, Your mother and All Might are already in the car.” Aizawa said as he started walking.

Izuku took a few backward steps and then looked down and
smiled as he turned his back on the dorms. “Hmm!” Izuku hummed and followed his former teacher.

And so Izuku took the first step into his new life that was waiting for him by leaving his old one behind.
Old habits die hard and even though Katsuki was up later than normal, he was still up bright and early at 6am, only missing Izuku by two hours. He groaned as he walked into the main common room and went to the refrigerator to grab a snack so that he could maybe get some more
rest, he was starting his move today with Kirishima, in a few hours he’d need to move his stuff along with kirishimas into a moving truck.

He grabbed a protein shake from the refrigerator and opened as he walked, in the corner of his eye he noticed the piece of paper on the
table. Curiousity got the best of him and he walked over and picked up the paper. The faint smell of sharp peppermint hitting his nose made his lips curl in a small grimace.

“To my class”
“From Deku”

Katsuki gulped as he looked down at the note. His fingers unfolded the
paper and immediately he was met with the words of his soulmate.

//Hey everyone,

I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye, I’ve been struggling these past few months and I got an opportunity overseas that I’m going to pursue, that’s gotten me through the tough time. By the time you
read this I’ll probably be on the plane. I know some of you may be mad but I hope you can understand that I just needed to leave for myself. I’ll be back in Japan one day but I don’t have a plan to come back in the near future. I wish you all luck on your debuts and lives after
UA, and I look forward to the future where hopefully I can see you all again, if life allows!

Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!!!

Deku //

Katsuki’s hands were trembling by the end of the note. He… he moved? Not only was it far away but a whole other country???

Katsuki started
growling as he read over the note again. He didn’t even tell them where he was going? What was this opportunity? Where did it take his soulmate?

Katsuki had so many questions and nothing could answer them. His chest filled with anxiety and pain, his alpha felt abandoned and
could barely grasp that he wouldn’t see Deku for a long time. He threw the letter down on the table and then stormed out of the dorm building slamming the door as he left.

The rest of the class soon was up and alert after the loud explosions in the distance and then the smell
Of a pissed alpha filling the entire dorm room. The note soon circulated and everyone was equally hurt knowing Izuku just left without a goodbye, they looked in his room and it was utterly empty and clear of everything that could remind them of Izuku but his scent, but it wasn’t
his pleasant happy scent they all enjoyed, it was a scent filled with anxiety and stress, pain and sadness.

A lot of the class was confused and even felt hurt at the fact Izuku was hiding something from them, hiding that he was hurting and struggling but his closer circle knew
he’d come around in his own time. They knew Izuku didn’t leave for just any reason, it had to be a good one, and so Shouto, Ochako, Tsuyu and Tenya agreed they'd be there for Izuku when he decided to reach back out.

Kirishima picking up on the scent of Katsuki raging went to
find him, and after following the loud explosions and yelling he found the explosive Alpha on the ground with his hands knitted tightly in his hair and his head between his knees. His whole body visibly trembling. He was pissed, but also… distressed?

Kirishima didn’t have a
very good nose thanks to be a beta but he could pick up on the pheromones Katuski was letting out.

“Hey… kats?” The beta cautious called.

Katsuki flinched and then peeked up to see Kirishima. “What…” Katsuki snapped quietly.

“Y.. you al-“ he paused, asking if he was
alright was a stupid question.. of course he wasn’t okay. He could see it, and smell it off the blonde. “You need a sparring partner to let off steam?” He asked, giving a toothy grin and he bent down to Katsuki’s level.

Katsuki furrowed his brows and then sighed.
“S’fucking fine.. we should probably get ready to move out stuff..” Katsuki said as he then pushed himself to stand. He wasn’t gonna crumble here.. no.. if Deku wanted to leave then fine… and plus he couldn’t exactly tell his boyfriend the true reason behind his anger that his
soulmate up and left moving overseas and that it was all his doing for pushing Izuku away when they found out their were soulmates. Yeah that wouldn’t go over well especially since Kirishima would see he was in the middle of soulmates.. it would be a shit show. Katsuki would his
this soulmark. No one needed to know.

Kirishima stood up as well. “A alright.. hey maybe once we get stuff packed on the truck we can go get some spicy ramen! Huh?” Kirishima offered as he threw an arm around his boyfriend.

Katsuki snickered dryly. He knew was Kirishima was
doing.. trying to make him feel better. It was appreciated, but Katsuki couldn’t help but feel responsible for Deku up and leaving and he was angry that the nerd didn’t even say goodbye properly. Sure he was an asshole but not even saying goodbye before moving overseas??
The blonde alpha took a deep breath and nodded. “Sounds good.” He chuffed as he gave Kirishima a quick peck on the lips.

Kirishima hummed into the kiss and gave Katsuki a warm smile. The day then went by rather quickly, and soon Katsuki was staring at his empty dorm room as he
carried the last box out.

Once out in the lobby he got his extra bags and bid everyone goodbye. After a few tearful minutes later Katsuki and Kirishima were off on their way to their apartment that they were going to share. It was going to be rough starting out, they both knew
that but the thought of finally becoming sidekicks and being on the road to be true heros made them feel like all their future hardships would be worth the struggle!
It was the start of their adult life and even thought Katsuki hated the fact Deku just up and left, he couldn’t blame anyone but himself and if Deku wanted to leave then fuck him. He can leave and let the door hit him on the way out. He’ll live with his boyfriend and he’ll make
life the best it can be!

And so the next few months that went by felt great! Katsuki made his debut while saving a mother and their pup alongside Kirishima, the two made huge headlines and it was only 3 months out of graduation, it was a feat in itself and Ground Zero and
Red Riot became the Unbreakable Duo of Tokyo, even as sidekicks, and to their hero counterparts they were highly prized for their dedication despite Katsuki’s temper.

It was a normal patrol and Katsuki was on his lunch break with Kirishima, the two young sidekicks ate their
quick ramen in the small shop as they enjoyed the quiet.

Kirishima however had his eyes glued on the small TV listening to whatever was on it. Katsuki didn’t care honestly he was just eating and then it’d be back to work.

The gasp from his mate brought Katsuki out of his mind
fog. “What the fu-“

“Can you turn it up please?” Kirishima asked the nice old woman and she happily nodded.

“It’s honestly amazing the Young Top Hero from UA’s most recent Hero Course graduates is already holding the title of hero! The youngest to ever reach that title!” A
voice spoke as images and videos of the disaster that struck New York, a green haired body all too familiar to the two flashing across the scene, helping citizens and even using his powers with wind to lessen the storm and its water surges. Flashes of photos of Deku smiling and
helping pups and dams. Helping with first aid and relief.

“Hero Deku is now a name welcome in New York as many have already said, the young Omegan hero made quite the impression especially with the announcement of the recently established Hero Agency by Mellissa Shield called
The Shield Agency, Claim the young hero to be their figurehead on moving forward!” The reporter exclaimed.

“It is a pretty amazing feat for the young omega, showing everyone that Omegas are some of the strongest out there! He’s the beginning of a role model for all Omegas out

“Holy shet… Midoriya’s already a hero! How did he do that?!” Kirishima exclaimed.

Katsuki was numb as he stared at the screen and then down at his ramen. The alpha grunted and got up abruptly. Fucking pissed him off. The blonde left some cash on the table and got up.
“Lunch is over shirty hair.” Katsuki spitted.

Kirishima looked up at Katsuki- “ah- kats! We still got 10 minutes!”

“Well then meet up with me, I’m heading back.” Katsuki grunted and left. He wasn’t going to stick around.

His mind flooded with Deku. Deku this and Deku that.
He was just able to make Deku a shadow in his mind and know he was front and center. He was pissed, how did that damn nerd get to be a hero right out of UA! Why wasn’t he contacted for that?! He then remembered the beta.. Melissa Shield, how Izuku saved her and constantly made
sure she was okay. Katsuki gritted his teeth.. he’d need to look into it but if she was using he’d want to save Deku fro- no- that’s his problem…

However he did look into it, and stumbled upon the press conference where it was confirmed that Melissa already had a mated
partner. She simply contacted Deku to be the figurehead of the agency because she said “Hero Deku is a strong willed hero fighting for peace! He reminds me of All Might!”

The media took that one by storm, articles and pictures of Deku all over the internet, him saving lives and
walking on patrols and soon all the media would talk about was Hero Deku.

Katsuki did everything to avoid the news, he didn’t want to be reminded of Izuku and that’s how his life went for the next 3 years. Katsuki ignored the media and only got bits and pieces from his
classmates when they would get together for their yearly reunion and get together.

“Hey! Bakugou! Congrats and breaking out to be a Hero!” Uraraka called as she cheered with her drink. “Wish I couldn’t have congratulated you sooner!”

“Thanks..” Katsuki grumbled as he clinked
his drink to her’s and then brought it to his lips. “And you too.. congrats round face.”

Katsuki was the first of the UA students besides Deku to break out of the sidekick roll and he was very proud of that, soon his fellow alumni classmates came into the ranks of hero starting
with Shouto and then Red Riot, followed by Uravity and Ingenium, then Creati most recent of them all. It was quite a happy get together everyone celebrating their hero status and just getting to know each other after not seeing each other for so long.

“So you guys are still
Together! I thought by now his grumpy attitude would drive you away Ei!” Mina laughed.

Kirishima laughed. “Aha he’s a jerk sometimes but he treats me well! I love him!” Kirishima said as he sipped his drink.

The night went on and Shouto soon arrived with Momo in Tow, they
were soulmates and have been together since they found out, both being alphas was a bit trouble but they seem to be happy nonetheless.

“Hey everyone!” Momo called as she walked over to the group.

“Ahh momo!” Uraraka chirped as she hugged momo. “It’s been so long!!” She said
as she hung off of her.

“It has been! Work has been crazy! This is my first night off in months!” Momo said as she sat down with the brown haired omega.

Shouto quickly found his seat beside Momo and then waved. “Hey everyone-Uh… Midoriya says hi too, he couldn’t get time to
come to Japan though..”

Everyone looked at Shouto.

“WAIT! You’ve been in contact with Midoriya!” Denki screeched from the other end of the table.

Katsuki looked at Shouto as he spoke.

“Uh.. yeah he reached out a while back and we’ve been talking here and there.. he’s
talked with Ochako too.”

All eyes looked at Uraraka. “H-hey! I’m not obligated to talk to all of you about my bestie!” She puffed as she then turned and cling to her mate Iida, which wasn’t her soulmate but they got along.

The table erupted in questions about Midoriya and it
soon was found out He had contacted more than just Shouto and Ochako, he’d also talked with tsuyu and Tenya about his hero work or day to day life and then the news Katsuki definitely wasn’t expecting and didn’t want to hear.
“Yeah! He’s happy! He is even being courted right now he says!” Ochako chirped gleefully.

Katsuki whipped his head over. “What- who the fuck is courting him?” Katsuki growled.

The table went silent and wide eyes as Katsuki fumed.
“Woah kats calm down it’s okay we should be happy for him-“ Kirishima interjected but was cut off.

“Who’s courting him?” Katsuki growled again starting at Ochako.

“Oh- Uh.. it’s an up and coming alpha hero in the states- Jet Stream I think his name is.” Ochako said wearily.
Katsuki pulled out his phone and went to social media immediately.

His classmates and his mate were very perplexed by Katsuki’s rash mannerisms.

Katsuki on the other hand couldn’t care less. He was pissed, Deku was HIS omega… his soulmate.. how dare someone court him.
This was his alpha speaking obviously, his mind clouded by his rut that was only a week away was running rampant at the new information.

Upon searching Hero Deku on twitter paparazzi images came up and at first Katsuki gawked at the photos, Deku looked different from when he
last saw the omega.. he had built himself up.. he was muscular and strong looking, his face smooth yet structured.. a walking wet dream—-

Katuski covered his mouth and knitted his brows together as he scrolled through the photos and then he saw it.. the small little pin clipped
on his hero uniform, and then photos of a man and Izuku in civilian clothes holding hands and then ones of the other man giving Izuku a gift and then Izuku holding a blanket looking beyond happy.. and then of them kissing.
Katsuki took a deep breath rage filling deep into his bones as he stared at the last photo, the headline of the post?

//New Power couple?? Jet Stream seen courting America's Favorite Omega!//
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