Apple reaching inside communication apps to tell the maker what users can and cannot posts is 🍌. Apple then asking that their censorship is kept private is 🤯. Apple justifying their prohibition on notices because they're "irrelevant" is positively 1984. 
Phones are the primary computing device for the majority of people today. It's completely insane that we've arrived at a place where two companies can dictate what can be said or installed on those devices.
But it's all the more grinding when such companies are siding with obviously authoritarian rulers to suppress the legitimate grievances of a fraudulent election. Do the potential American implications really even need to be spelled out here??
Pair this shit with what just happened on Twitter and that NY Post story, and we're barely half a step away from Siri telling us "Sorry, your iMessages include an irrelevant discussion about the election. Your iCloud account has been terminated. Have a nice day!".
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