1. Trump's track record on nuclear weapons is clear: he's let arms get out of control.

Trump withdrew from the JCPOA and Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than when Trump took office.

He has not negotiated a new deal.
2. Trump's obsequious courting of KJU has allowed the DPRK to increase its nuclear capabilities.
3. China has not stopped its nuclear weapons development despite Trump's entreaties to the CCP to sign a deal.
5. Trump trashed the only, remaining major nuclear arms control agreement we have with Russia -- the New START Treaty.

He said it wasn't broad enough - just like he said about the JCPOA. And, he wanted China involved too.
6. Now, with days until the election, the Admin has been working to get an agreement with the Russians on an extension of New START. But they may be doing too little too late.
10. None of this is good news - we need arms control agreements.
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