"Cody watches The Untamed thread" because Jas is still catching up and doesn't want me to even tell her that an episode made me feel any feelings because that counts as a spoiler
I just finished ep11 so twitter will have to put up with my thoughts from 12 - 50, sorry
A summary of my feelings on episodes 1 - 11 are HYUK (being stabbed in the stomach by yearning) and brain static because Wangji is so pretty and repressed
me when wangji grabs wuxian's arm
"Let me carry you" ok wuxian these samwise gamgee vibes are too much for my gay little heart!!
Episode 13... "I didn't flirt with you anyway" ... using Mianmian as a way to talk about being in love with each other by filtering the affection through the idea of a woman... excuse me I need to lie down
Ep...episode 14...
That's just. An entire other level of yearning and confession and. And. I actually. Oh my god.
HERE'S THIS SONG I WROTE FOR US IT'S LITERALLY CALLED WANGXIAN YOU KNOW OUR NAMES BUT TOGETHER but also I'm gonna bounce when you wake up because I'm repressed and can't deal with the fact I just confessed my love for you
Wuxian waking up to the drawing of two men kissing >>>>>>>>>>>>>
@JasEdwards13 actually caught up to me but won't watch episode 15 with me, claiming she's "tired." At 11pm (PT)? Everyone shame her please.
Meanwhile it's 2am here and I'm like LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO can't waste a second gotta reunite these soulmates now please!
I love Yanli with my entire soul
These episodes have me SOBBING. Siblings and their bonds and love for one another 😭😭😭😭
"The three of us must be together forever and never be parted" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I missed you my love, I missed you
Jiang Cheng found Lan Zhan so they could find Wei Wuxian together??? Or did Wangji find Jiang while looking for Wuxian? Either way AAAHHHH Wangji loves him SO MUCH
Jiang thinking Wuxian ran off to find Wangji I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine
Actually I'm not fine, playing the Wangxian theme while they discuss Wuxian potentially being dead? PRESENTING WUXIAN'S SWORD TO WANGJI????
Absolutely obsessed with Lan Zhan's "Wei Ying, where are you?" in episode 19. He refuses to accept Wuxian could be dead. I personally hear that as, "If he were dead how could I be alive?" #WangXian
OK BUT Yanli breaking down as she asks where Wuxian is cut with Wangji holding onto Wuxian's sword and his own steadfastly as he's asked where Wuxian is, sister vs lover, the reactions of the two people who love Wuxian most..............
Why are all my favorite shows about trauma 😬 M*A*S*H, Black Sails, Hannibal, now the Untamed... Good Omens being the only outlier but still crossing over with this and M*A*S*H about the fundamental goodness of people and the way love in all forms can connect and save
Jiang using the Zidian 😭💜
Reunion time? Wangxian re--reunion time?
If we don't get the reunion this episode I--
Fjjjsshsshshhsksksk Wangji standing there wishing he could embrace Wuxian as Jiang hugs Wuxian. Wangji keeping silent. Wangji standing resolved that he can't reunite with Wuxian the way he wants to. Wangji.
"Lan Zhan, what do you really want?" Followed by Wangji telling Wuxian there's always a spiritual and physical price for "wicked" sorcery. ~What he really wants is for you to be safe and healthy and with him always, Wuxian~
Why did no one warn me the WangXian reunion was this fraught and distressing
"Forgive me, forgive me" playing over the shot of Wuxian watching Wangji walk out OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Cheng crying as he watches Yanli and Wuxian reunite 😭😭😭 it is once again about the love between siblings
Watching this show after Jas left has been an Experience let me tell you
"Everyone's been desperately searching for you for months, especially Second Young Master Lan" 💀💀💀💀💀💀
UM Lan Zhan shedding a single tear as he Yearns for Wuxian from afar? Hello?
Wuxian missing an entire toast in his honor because he's staring at where Lan Zhan is supposed to be during the feast!! My brain is literally 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Wuxian: leaves feast honoring him because Yanli's question about Lan Zhan hits too close to home, goes to sit outside and stare at Lan Zhan's silhouette through the screen

Me: *chokes*
"Why are you so gloomy? Is it because of Lan Wangji?"

"Maybe I'm just bored."

I'm gonna faint
Literally everyone is like: *mentions Wei Wuxian once* *looks directly at Lan Zhan*
Put! Me! In! The! Ground!
Wuxian better square up! I'm gonna kick his ass! Stop hurting Wangji like this!!!! I know he's depressed and traumatized but goddamn maybe talk to the people who are trying to help you!!!
@JasEdwards13 caught up again but won't go through my thread cause she's a fake fan
We've been watching 22 and 23 together and literally I feel like Wangji in this clip. Breathless. Shattered. Devastated. Disbelieving.
I shall briefly diverge from my Wangxian meltdown to say every time Mo grabs Xichen's sleeve or vice versa I have a heart attack
These episodes were So Much I truly have no articulate thoughts. Brain going into shutdown mode. The yearning, the way the director cut the scenes when Wuxian would mention love straight to Wangji, Wangji being more or less imprisoned so he can't go to Wuxian.
And I WILL be Like That on main and say cutting between shots of Wuxian's bare skin to Wangi's fingers on the strings was a Choice™️ 👀
Episode 27 was a mistake actually. I don't know now to breathe anymore.
Someone bury me
WAIT this belongs here https://twitter.com/dykeoftomorrow/status/1318253807457939456?s=20
My love for repressed gay men.....................unmatched
personally my favorite thing about this thread is that it has absolutely 0 interaction but I haven't lost followers, which means all 300+ of you are just watching me have a meltdown and shrugging
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