1."Let's Dig" into Cern. Understanding what cern does. CERN includes 23 countries & was established in 1954! God particle, particle accelerators, & Large Hadron Collider?🤔Sounds like every season of FLASH! To understand more, first we ask....what is cern?
💥2. CERN: what is the universe made of? This information could go in many directions quickly, but I'll try to stay on track.
💥3. CERN is trying to capture the particles that formed right after the Big Bang. Known as the God particle. Their 4 main experiments are located 50 - 150 meters below the earth.
💥4. When it comes to CERN, there are many rabbit holes. First, we need to learn about Higgs Boson. So, what is it?
💥5. The Higgs Boson is the visible MANIFESTATION of the Higgs Field, like a wave at the surface of the sea!
💥6. Let's break it down. CERN has LHC which means Large Hadron Collider. LHC has 4 main detectors called Alice, Atlas, CMS, & LHCb.
💥7. Look at the mass of CERN's location & accelerator complex. LHC will run again in March 2021. The next LHC project is called The High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) & will start up in 2025.
💥8. Now we know about CERN & LHC, let's look into the LHCb experiment. Otherwise known as: Large Hadron Collider Beauty experiment.
💥9. This gets stranger after finding this file 😂 but I think it's interesting. Makes you wonder what's going on deep below the ground at CERN. Have they accidentally let things out? 😳
💥10. Now we know the 4 main detectors at CERN/LHC. Let's talk "LHC open data" which I'll share a 4 page file showcasing. Basically CERN/LHC are sharing all their research etc. Publicly for others to see. 👀🤔
💥11. Page 3&4 of open data plans.
💥12. One of the other LHC main detectors is Atlas. Atlas is 100 meters below the ground in Switzerland. 7000 tons. Imagine this massive machine running that far below the earth✍🏻👀
💥13. Continued info on ATLAS:
💥14. You can try to imagine how massive Atlas really is & the power such a massive machine would use. CMS is the other CERN/ LHC experiment.
💥15. Now that we read up on Atlas, let's dive into the LHC main detector called ALICE. Alice is a large detector designed to study the physics of matter at extreme densities. The matter is called Quark-Gluon plasma.
💥16. Now we know Alice, we're getting our nerd on & figure out what Quark-Gluon plasma is & does???? 🤔
💥17. What is Gluon
💥18. Now we brushed up on Quark-Gluon plasma, we can get back to Alice. Follow the white rabbit.
💥19. What is ALICE? Continued.
💥20. Alice continued: in 2018 CERN switched off Alice for updates & will restart in March 2021.
💥21. After doing some CERN research, I stumbled across this 12 page file for CERN kids. It's pretty freakin crazy.
💥22. Down the rabbit hole
💥23. Cooking in a cauldron with the white rabbit.
💥24. Time is ticking ⏰
💥25. You can't see with your eyes. 👀
💥26. A picnic at the end with.....adreno.....red liquid? 👀
💥27. If you've never researched anything about CERN you can easily get overwhelmed. There's much more to CERN than you realize. We didn't look into the 4th LHC experiment called CMS. CERN also has the white rabbit project.
💥28. CERN also has the looking glass. So if you want the whole Alice in wonderland package, you're in the right place.
💥29. Not so sure CERN is wonderland? Outside stands Shiva. You can dig more into that rabbit hole if you'd like. This is a tiny piece of the puzzle & it can get dark fast.
💥30. If any of you follow or have followed the map! (17) then you are well informed of these connections 😉
💥31. It never ends with the amount of information you can find about CERN. That's why I think it's important to save the God particle for the end of this thread.
💥32. Stephen Hawking warned about messing with the God particle & had major concerns it would destroy the universe.
💥33. The ultimate goal of CERN is time travel. The recreation of God particle after the Big Bang capturing black matter.
💥34. I'm hoping this thread was informative & I've given you insight into CERN. Hopefully this leads you to Dig for yourself & see what's behind the veil. I'll leave you with some photos showing Big Bang at CERN.
💥35. Big Bang images at CERN.
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