Why Mewgulf has a beautiful relationship? ☀️🌻

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let's start from this...

Gulf is an introvert, he had a high wall around himself, his heart but Mew took that down, not immediately because that'll break Gulf. He waited for months, everyday or everytime they're together, he takes out a brick. Brick by brick, one by one, Mew +
was able to take down Gulf's wall. Now you see how Gulf is always so talkative around Mew. You can see him initiating their talks, and how Gulf enjoys telling stories to his phi. +
Their connection. Them choosing eo as eo's Tharn and Type already speaks a lot. Why did they choose eo? It's because they felt the pull towards eo. They weren't able to ignore the feeling or tug of attraction. +
As they continue working together, they also learn about each other's likes and dislikes. Mew likes sea and Gulf like mountains but sometimes they answer the opposite. It's like "What you love, I love".

M: Ill choose mountain bcos G likes
G: Ill choose sea bcos Phi likes +
Remember when Mew said "Both of us, we don't know how other people view us but just having everyday where we can give love to each other, it is already good." How they're both focus on just each other, not caring about what haters will say about them. What's important is their +
love for each other.

Now Gulf saying that Mew will protect him since the beginning. It's so beautiful how Gulf knows he can trust Mew & that he'll protect him no matter what

Gulf : "He (P'Mew) will protect me"
Mew : "Really ?? I will protect you?"
Gulf : "Yess, absolutely" +
Not only Mew protects Gulf but Gulf also will do anything to protect his Phi. Remember when Gulf arrived late for Mew's SOY showcase, I still believe it was not to steal the spotlight from his Phi.
The way they both do everything to protect each other and what they have is beyond beautiful.

Now, the respect and how they treasure each other. How Mew always ask Gulf's permission before touching/kissing his cheek or hugging him. Add them during New Year's too. +
Then how they both try to make up wit each other when they have misunderstandings in two ways. One who's wrong would immediately apologize and try to make up with the other. Also if they're too mad, they said they give space to cool things off but then make up after it.
The way they both work separately or have individual schedules but they meet and spend time with each other. Its them saying "I'm still gonna meet you even though I'm busy." and also "No matter how busy I am, I will always have time for you"
Chopper is so precious to Mew that Gulf is willing to gain copper's trust too. Isn't that the most beautiful? "If you let me be with chopper for 7 years, chopper won’t bite me anymore”...Gulf never gave up in earning Chopper's love, now look how adorable they three are.
How they never fail to support each other in everything, whether it be together or individual event. Sending each other bouquets for important events. + https://twitter.com/waanjaimg20/status/1310855908704960512?s=20
how they never fail to surprise each other during the other's birthday. How Gulf after his event went to Mew's home and surprised him late at night. How Mew sent a video message saying he cant be there on Gulf's birthday but surprised him by actually going there and singing. +
plus Gulf surprising Mew when they did merit for his birthday.
The way they both are supportive of eo, how they want to share precious things with eo, how they describe eo and how they remember eo's surprises and cherishes them so much.
How they both admire everything the other does. Nothing can describe their relationship, only one thing. HEALTHY.
How they are willing to share the most important things in their lives to each other and how they are willing to do everything to make each other happy.
How they both know each other so well and does what the other likes best too. Choosing what the other wants instead of their own. And how they are willing to change just for the other.
im kinda drained so ill end it with this...

MewGulf's relationship is the most precious, beautiful and the most healthy. "Grow as we go." The way they both want their relationship level to stay 8.001 or 9.999 and not want it to be 10 because they will continue to learn and grow.
im sorry for rambling hahahahah i know what im saying is probably said by a lot already, I just had to let this out because im just being so emo...they have a beautiful relationship and that's on period
hi heheeh im sorry if im just rambling, i know you know how beautiful MG's relationship is Pleading face

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