Stop ordering books from Amazon. You can special order almost anything through an indie store and get it in a week. Save our bookstores
If you are housebound or don’t have the time to visit your local bookstore, lots of them ship! We have gotten so used to thinking that Amazon is the only option for online shopping, but plenty of stores from @Powells to @milmundosnyc to @LibrosAC will handpick and ship to you
They’ll send you cool stickers too like @milmundosnyc over here
Since this thread took off, I need to show off one of my favorite bookstores, @LibrosAC in Puerto Rico

They have gorgeous books in English and Spanish, including from small boricua presses your cant find in the US. They also do book bundles. Free shipping 
Puerto Rican arts and culture never gets enough money, especially after Maria and austerity. And Puerto Rican literature has an uphill battle, since the island’s colonial status cuts it publishers off from regular supply chains for Spanish speaking countries.
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