1⃣ Digitalization and the data revolution open up new possibilities for monitoring poverty, which can complement established indicators derived from national surveys in important ways.
2⃣ The use of linked register data plays a key role to be able to monitor poverty on subnational levels. This is essential to be able to identify where poor people live and to formulate targeted policies.
3⃣ The BFH-Swiss poverty monitor proposes to use a set of different poverty indicators that shed light on poverty from different perspectives. Multiperspective poverty measurement is essential to capture different forms of poverty.
4⃣ The BFH-Swiss poverty monitor proposes to implement an indicator of non-take-up of social assistance to capture those that fall below the poverty line but are not reached by the welfare system.
5⃣ The BFH-Swiss poverty monitor proposes to use a p20-indicator that focuses on the financial situation of the 20 percent poorest of a region compared to average and top incomes. In this perspective low income is viewed through the lens of inequality.
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